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Don’t ERAse Women with an Equal Rights Amendment

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For Immediate Release
February 27, 2023

Contact:  CWA Communications Team


Don’t ERAse Women with an Equal Rights Amendment

Women’s Groups will Hold Press Briefing Tuesday, February 28 before Senate Hearings

Washington, D.C. – On Tuesday, February 28, Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC) will join with other women’s groups at a Capitol Hill press conference before the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the Equal Rights Amendment.

First introduced in 1923 and heavily debated in 1972, the ratification of an Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to the Constitution has emerged once again and will be the subject of a hearing in the U.S. Senate on Tuesday. The U.S. House of Representatives voted to remove the time limit on the ratification in 2021, and Leftist organizations are pushing again to get it passed.

“It feels like we are going back in time; the new ERA will erase women’s progress and erase legal distinctions based on sex, leaving women completely unprotected,” said Penny Nance, CEO and President of CWALAC, the nation’s largest women’s public policy organization. “Women have made huge strides in the last 100 years in education, employment, politics, sports, and many other aspects of society through established laws. Women don’t need a new law to be equal.”



What:  Equal Rights Amendment Press Conference

  • Penny Nance, Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee
  • Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL)
  • Jennifer C. Braceras, Independent Women’s Forum
  • Karen Cross, National Right to Life Committee       
  • Savanna Deretich, Students for Life of America           
  • Meg Kilgannon, Family Research Council
  • Britton Miller, Young Women for America
  • Kris Ullman, Eagle Forum

When: February 28, 2023 at 1:00 p.m. EST 

Where: Senate Dirksen, Office Building,  Room G-11 (ground floor)

The ERA would allow federal courts and legislative powers to reinterpret every law making a distinction based on “sex” or “gender.” This means that any limits on abortion or denying taxpayer-funded abortions would be seen as sex discrimination. Women-only safe spaces like sex-segregated bathrooms, locker rooms, or domestic violence shelters could be seen as a form of sex discrimination. A woman could potentially be forced into military service against her will.


Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC) is the legislation and advocacy arm of Concerned Women for America. Concerned Women for America is the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization with a rich 40-year history of helping our members across the country bring Biblical principles into all levels of public policy.