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Day 1 – Prayer in the Midst of Covid-19

By March 31, 2020Blog, Covid-19
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Gracious Lord and King,
May your right hand be exalted!
Your help is never late;
Your grace, our only hope.

We praise You
For Your wondrous works.
We love You
And submit our wills to Yours.

As we face the threat of Covid-19, Lord,
We turn to You!
You are our Refuge and Strength;
You, our Guide in darkness.

May our lives be a reflection
Of Your hope and love for us
In hard times, Father.
Give us Your compassion for others.

May salvation come shining
In the lives of many of our countrymen.
A humble and contrite heart
You will not reject.

Help us turn to You, Lord!
Help us to embrace Your grace.
May pain have a purpose in our lives;
Your children never suffer in vain.

We pray against the spread of this virus.
Help us stop it, Lord, help us!
Give us wisdom. We pray for our officials.
May they be wise beyond their intelligence.

Open our eyes to see what we can do
To help stop the spread
And help those in need.
We pray, especially, for anyone infected.

For fathers and mothers, sons and daughters,
Grandparents, uncles, aunts, family, and friends;
We know that pain and fear may spread
Wider and faster than the virus itself.

But Your perfect Love casts out fear.
It is that love we want to have and spread,
Help us! We repent and pray.
In the Name of Jesus, Amen.


This prayer was submitted by CWA’s General Counsel Mario Diaz, Esq. Click here for more prayers from our “30 Days of Prayer in the Midst of Covid-19” effort. Here for more coronavirus-related resources.