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CWA Praises GOP Candidates for Addressing Social Issues

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Washington, D.C. – Concerned Women for America’s CEO and President Penny Nance praised GOP presidential candidates who addressed the issues that are near and dear to the hearts of social conservatives:CWALAC_MediaStatement

“Tonight’s debates gave the candidates a variety of social issues to address.  Statements made about the life issue make it clear that this is an issue that needs to be fought for and it is vital that we have a president who will do just that.  It is also apparent from tonight’s debates that social conservatives need to hold all of these candidates accountable not only for the lives of the unborn, but for the safety and protection of all American citizens.

“In the earlier debate, the topic of Planned Parenthood was addressed early and by every candidate. CWA applauds Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pennsylvania) for bringing the topic of the Planned Parenthood videos showing negotiations for the sale of the remains of aborted babies to the GOP presidential debate stage. It is one of the most important issues of our time.  Gov. George Pataki’s (R-New York) position to defund Planned Parenthood is an indication that the parts-for-sale videos are uniting pro-life and pro-choice Americans on this front.

“We appreciate FOX News making the social issues of abortion, marriage, the Iran deal, and the support of our ally Israel a key part of the GOP presidential primary debate.  The nation is well-served by the mainstream focus and exposure.”

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NOTE: Penny Nance is in Cleveland, Ohio, on-site at the Quicken Loans Arena and will be available for interviews and to offer commentary and analysis.