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CWA of Washington November Action Alert – God’s Light

By November 6, 2015Washington
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Dear CWA of Washington Members,

“And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.” John 1:5

I am so weary of hearing liberal/progressive/secularist/humanist spokesmen moan and warn about the necessity of banning any expression of our historically traditional Christian faith, values, holidays, etc. as well as restricting our other First Amendment and other inalienable rights!  Those spokesmen ignore all the founding documents, journals, congressional minutes, etc., then re-invent our “rights” to fit their vision of a secular, humanist, “progressive” utopia where government employees supposedly understand and  know better how we should live, what we should believe, etc.  They advocate their choices, but they deny our choice not to participate in their ungodly behaviors although they totally offend us and conflict with our pro-life worldview.  This comes from the very group that has created the cultural and moral freefall that our nation and our families are suffering from, but they continue in their campaign to obliterate our Judeo-Christian foundation and clearly Biblical traditional worldview in favor of the incremental moral and cultural destruction that we are witnessing on a daily basis.  When you push God into the closet and release morally compromised people who seek their own ways, call good bad and bad good, then even erase all symbols of God Almighty and His Son Christ Jesus from public places, the military chaplaincy, public schools, etc., what can you expect but the deviant, corrupt, self-indulgent results we are witnessing?

Freedom to choose abortion in any circumstance and at any point of a pregnancy for any reason?  Freedom to marry whomever one chooses even though that relationship cannot yield the natural balance and God-endorsed purposes?  Our children being told in public schools that they cannot pray or even mention Jesus, and worse, teachers telling our children God is a myth and failing them if they refuse to comply?  Boys demanding to use girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms and vice versa just because they choose not to identify with the gender on their birth certificates?  None of these issues stands apart from the real problem in this nation:  Moral degradation at an increasingly rapid pace, due to putting God and His Holy Bible in the closet and letting all sorts of moral depravity out!   Believers cannot pray in public?  We can’t display Christmas nativity scenes?  We cannot refuse to participate in abortion or homosexual marriages?  Military chaplains cannot pray in the name of Jesus Christ?  Crosses on churches and memorials must come down in order not to offend someone?  What about the fact that all of this offends us?  What about the First Amendment:  Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof …?

Our founders believed that freedom would not survive long in America if the people turned away from God.  Founder James Madison said in 1778 to the General Assembly of the State of Virginia:  “We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it.  We’ve staked the future of all our political institutions upon our capacity … to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.” (America’s God and Country; William J. Federer; 2000; p. 411)  John Adams warned that our Constitution was written only for a moral and religious people and without those two, human passions would rip through that document like a whale goes through a net (Ibid.; p. 10; address to the military, October 11, 1798).

Right now in Bremerton, Washington, we have a football coach suspended for exercising his freedom of religion and choice as an individual before and after a football game to simply praise God Almighty on the football field.  No student, no administrator, NO ONE is forced to participate in his individual prayer, yet this is somehow a “separation of church and state” issue?  Again, the issue is about the disintegration of our culture, the falling away from and destroying our moral and spiritual foundations and the bullying and intimidation by the very people who lecture us on tolerance!

Forty-seven Congressional members have signed a letter to the Bremerton School District  expressing their outrage about the egregious attack on Coach Kennedy’s First Amendment Right to religious liberty and the free exercise thereof.  Click here to read letter.  Yet NOT ONE Washington State Member of Congress signed that letter!  Please call Sen. Patty Murray (D-Washington) at  202-224-3441 and Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Washington) at 202-224-2621 and your own district Representative to ask them why they are not supporting the First Amendment for all citizens; ask them to sign the aforementioned letter or send their own and to speak to this issue.   Click here to find out who your Representative is and how to contact him/her.

For more information on this issue, click here to listen to a speech by Sen. James Lankford (R-Oklahoma) on the senate floor.  For more insight into this and other issues, visit our national CWA website at  Penny Nance, Mario Diaz and other CWA leaders are wonderful writers who will encourage you in a steadfast Judeo-Christian walk through this cultural jungle.

PRAY, EDUCATE, ACT!  Those are CWA’s three purposes.  If you are as outraged about the aforementioned issues as I am, please seriously consider supporting CWA with your prayers, share this action alert with others, and then step up to organize a Prayer/Action Chapter or Home Team in order to educate and activate other concerned citizens through a gathering in your home or church.  If we don’t change the course of this nation, think about who will!   Click here for a Leadership Application.

We also need more prayer warriors to pray for our state legislatures and other elected officials.  Please fill out the Encourage-A-Legislator form and send it back to me.  Click here for the form. Your daily prayers and weekly notes might just change one heart and save one soul.  Our prayers and notes are appreciated by believers serving us in Olympia and needed by non-believers!

Be a light for God in an increasingly dark world.  Let your Christ-like light shine and illuminate the field.  Darkness is eliminated when just one small light shines.

In His Service,

Maureen Richardson
State Director
CWA of Washington
P. O. Box 143
Woodinville, WA 98072
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