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CWA of Iowa Continues the Fight Against Common Core/Iowa Core. Join Us!

By September 18, 2014Iowa
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We are excited to see the resistance to Common Core growing nationally as well as across the state. As you know Concerned Women for America on both a national and state level has been battling this issue with town hall meetings, the distribution of materials, mass e-alerts, testimonies before the legislature, lobbying, speaking engagements and more. Recently, in my other capacity, I was able to sponsor a Resolution passed at the last Republican National Committee meeting which asks Congress to investigate and withhold funds from the College Board that oversees the exam until the newly revised APUSH – Advanced Placement US History Exam is once again historically accurate and no longer left leaning.

Resistance from parents, teachers, and students is becoming more and more common place as Common Core/Iowa Core is now being implemented into classrooms this fall semester.

Please join us and others as we continue the fight!

Take Action:

1. Discuss it with fellow parents
2. Educate others with our materials (Stop Common Core – brochure & Stop Common Core – Iowa insert)
3. Write a letter to the editor
4. Invite us to hold a town hall meeting and/or give a presentation to your church or community group
5. Consider attending one of these events this month put on by our friends:

• September 18, 201: Freedom Project Education presents Fighting Common Core. Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
• September 20, 201: Eagle Forum presents The Caffeinated Thoughts Briefing – Common Core as well as other pertinent issues of the day will be presented. Des Moines, Iowa
• September 22, 201: local citizens present Restoring the American Dream – Both Agenda 21 and Common Core will be presented. Manchester, Iowa.

6. Regularly ask Governor Terry Branstand and your legislators to remove Common Core / Iowa Core from our schools until they do so.

Pray that Governor Branstand and our legislators return the power to the people by removing Common Core / Iowa Core State Standards.