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Concerned Women for America of South Dakota Applauds Delta Airlines – Production was Egregious

By June 14, 2017South Dakota
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June 13, 2017
CWA of South Dakota (605) 380-6914

Concerned Women for America of South Dakota Applauds Delta Airlines
Production was egregious.

Leola, South Dakota – Fantasizing the violent death of President Trump seems to be in vogue in some circles these days.  Last week it was the Kathy Griffin debacle. This week a play on the east coast is highlighting a similar theme.

Concerned Women for America of South Dakota applauds Delta Airlines for pulling their sponsorship of New York Public Theater’s production of Julius Caesar, which portrayed Caesar by casting him and his wife with Donald and Melania Trump look-alikes.  Living in a less populated part of the country, South Dakotans are keenly aware that Delta is often our only option for commercial air travel.  Perhaps Delta is aware that many of their customers consider such productions to be egregious.

Linda Schauer, State Director for Concerned Women for America in South Dakota stated, “After Griffin’s depiction of the beheaded President, one would think “artists” would get the message that violence against the President of the United States, or any person for that matter, is not only in poor taste, but damaging to the unity of our nation.  How atrocious it is that we have become a culture where coarseness and blatant disrespect is becoming more acceptable.  Hopefully, more corporate sponsors will clean up their act and support wholesome and patriotic medium.”

Concerned Women for America is the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization.