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Christ Restoring a Male/Female Identity in a Sexually Confused World

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The issue is hot.  Transgender people want to use the bathroom of the sex they “identify” with, not the one that they actually belong to physically.

CWA has a multi-pronged approach to solving these issues.  There has been state legislation that mandates using the bathroom of your born sex.  We are boycotting Target for its policy that anyone can use anyone’s bathroom policy. We are fighting the LGBT community’s attacks on religious freedom.

CWA is about prayer, education, and action. So along with all the important action we are taking above, we should also take a step back to look at root causes – and root solutions – from a need for a better education regarding gender identity and its theological implications.

But how do we pray and educate about an issue so sensitive and nuanced?

With the grace and truth of a Christian.

CWA implores all people – transgender and otherwise – to find true identity in Christ. Transgenderism is a form of broken sexuality – which every human faces in one form or another.

God created us male and female.  That’s it. Just those two genders.  Both of them are required to complete the image of God (Genesis 1:27).

Adam and Eve lost their sexual identity back in the Garden of Eden.  Adam’s body – the man’s body – is literally designed to give of itself, and the woman’s to actively receive that gift in committed marital union. The man’s body functions as a reminder of the giving love of God, and the woman’s body functions as a reminder that we all must receive love from God.

But Adam and Eve fell out of their identity.  Adam forgot to help Eve remember God’s love, instead standing silent at the tree while she was told lies by Satan. And Eve forgot to receive God’s love, instead displaying openness to deception. Adam showed the worst of man – first passive and then abusive – blaming Eve for what happened.  Eve showed the worst of woman – manipulative and disregarding of her role to “help” (meaning “rescue”) Adam – instead deeply hurting him.

It was through Christ that the masculine and feminine identity was restored.  In Christ, women like Mary Magdalene were freed from seven demons and the woman at the well found her perfect lover.  In Christ, men like Peter were forgiven of betrayal, and men like Thomas were forgiven for doubt.  What Christians are is a testimony to the fact that brokenness can be opened to the unconditional and healing love of God.  Instead of hiding in our shame as Adam and Eve did, we open our nakedness to God – in all its ugliness.

When Jesus gives the command to remove the stone from the grave of Lazarus, He was warned that there would be a stench.  But that didn’t deter Jesus!  He replied: “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?” (John 11:40)

Do we believe that the glory of God is able to rescue us from all our broken pieces?  Do we believe that He will restore our identity?  Do we look to Him as the example of perfect manhood Who came born of woman to restore male and female identity?

A transgender person is likely unready to hear theology and learn about Adam and Eve.  But understanding the origins of where things went wrong is a start for believers who want to submit their own sin to God, who wish to gain testimonies of how God has worked in their lives. Aligning ourselves with God’s plan for man and woman is the solution side of the problem.  Let us pray deeply for the ability to live into our male and female identity with more fullness, that we might offer a restorative picture for all of the world.

Chaney Mullins serves as Concerned Women for America’s Special Projects Writer.

Editor’s Note: Many thanks to Christopher West who extrapolates these ideas in his teaching as a lay theologian.  Learn more at

Obama Administration Once Again Overstepped Taking Away Privacy with Gender Neutral School Bathrooms

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Washington, D.C. – Today, the Obama administration will issue orders calling for all public schools to implement gender neutral bathrooms. Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America, said:CWALAC_MediaStatement

“The Obama Administration once again overstepped legal boundaries by redefining the scope and reach of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and slapping the heavy hand of government on local schools.  Whether or not people who identify as transgender are indeed a protected class will get worked out in the courts.  Meanwhile, schools all over this nation, which have rightly worked on a case-by-case basis to accommodate kids struggling with gender dysphoria, may be forced to violate the privacy of other students and perhaps even create trauma for the very kids Obama pretends to protect.

“Local school districts with the input of parents and health professionals should be setting school policy on such a sensitive and controversial issue, not Washington.

“Finally, the left always uses children to accomplish it’s goals of social reengineering. The adults closest to these children should decide what’s best for all the children in the school.  Safety and kindness should be the guiding principles, not threats from the bullies in Washington.”

For an interview with Penny Nance contact Janae Stracke at [email protected] or 712-269-1724.

Celebrating Moms Everywhere With a Story You Won’t Believe

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angelapaxtonWe just celebrated Mother’s Day, and continue to celebrate mothers, children and families everywhere as we remember that May is National Foster Care Month. In this audio interview, Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America, talks to Angela Paxton, wife of pro-life, pro-family stalwart Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) of the great state of Texas.

This story is the type that movies are made of, and as Mrs. Paxton would confirm, it could only happen through the grace of a Sovereign God. You do not want to miss it!

Support for North Carolina Governor’s Lawsuit in Response to Department of Justice Overreach

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Washington, D.C. – Today, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory filed suit against the Department of Justice after being ordered to drop the state’s “bathroom” law. Concerned Women for America CEO and President Penny Nance had this to say:

“Concerned Women for America wholly supports Gov. McCrory’s lawsuit against the Department of Justice. DOJ’s actions are classic federal overreach, which affects not just schools and government buildings, but also private businesses.

“Concerned Women for America strongly believes that both states and private businesses have the Constitutional freedom to oppose bathroom politics and to protect citizens.  We are not concerned with people who identify as transgender committing sexual assault but, instead, that allowing anyone to enter a restroom of their choice permits easy access for sexual offenders.

“This issue is not about bathrooms; if that were the case, the left would work for transgender use of already-in-effect “family” restrooms. “Gender identity” laws allow for more government interference and increase unnecessary lawsuits as we are already seeing in North Carolina.

“However, the biggest issue is the safety of women and children. Thirty-three percent of rape or sexual assault incidents to female victims were perpetrated on school property or in a public area such as a commercial venue. In addition, there are over 840,000 registered sex offenders in the U.S. and its territories who would, under these laws, be allowed in public women’s restrooms.

“Concerned Women for America will continue to fight for the safety of the general public. We will not stand by as political correctness puts our children in harm’s way.”

For an interview with Penny Nance contact Janae Stracke at [email protected] or 712-269-1724.

Statement Regarding Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Target Stores

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Concerned Women for America (CWA) applauds Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) for his recent letter to the CEO of Target calling on the company to detail its plans to protect women and children from potential danger as a result of their recent change to their restroom policy. Concerned Women for America has urged its over half a million members to forego shopping at Target Stores while the open access policy is in place, and we commend the Attorney General for acknowledging that Target is placing its customers at risk in the name of “political correctness.” CWA would also urge the Attorneys General of other states to take similar action to protect the women and children of their state.

Making it unlawful for a person of the opposite gender of that which is on their birth certificate is not meant to discriminate against those who identify as transgender. It is a commonsense regulation to protect women and children. Concerned Women for America is not stating that those who identify as transgender are committing sexual assault, but, instead that these laws would allow those who would do harm to women and children to pose as transgender individuals to obtain entry into women’s restrooms. A simple Google search proves that this has already occurred in multiple public venues (most recently in Frisco, Texas —

There are over 840,000 individuals on the sex offender registry in the U.S. and its territories, who would, under Target’s new policy, be allowed in public women’s restrooms. On average, there are 293,066 victims of rape and sexual assault each year, and studies show that around 33 percent of those cases are perpetrated on school property or in a public area such a commercial venue.

Target shoppers have a reasonable expectation of privacy in public restrooms. Concerned Women for America thanks Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton for taking courageous steps to ensure the protection of women and children.



We Asked. You Acted.

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The staff at Concerned Women for America (CWA) is extremely grateful that our members are not simply supporters in name but in deed. Our mailboxes were flooded with stacks of petitions expressing our members’ support for the defense of marriage and the family. Each signature represented a member who was stating that he or she still acknowledges that marriage is God-created, that it is the cornerstone of a healthy family and a strong society, and that we can protect marriage, our culture, and our families from the destructive forces of pornography and adultery.WeAsked

The picture to the left is just one of many stacks of petitions and a visible declaration that our members still believe in protecting marriage the way God defines it — no matter what today’s culture is trying to push on them. As you fight for Biblical principles in your state, let this image serve as a reminder that you are standing with half a million others who are passionate about honoring our God and working hard to protect His truth in America.

Stopping Merrick Garland Will Be a ‘Cage Match,’ ‘Most Important Battle of Our Lives’

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Penny Nance, president of Concerned Women For America, warns on Breitbart News Daily that conservatives face the most important battle of their lives in opposing Obama’s liberal Supreme Court pick, Merrick Garland.

“This is a very important moment in the republic. This is why the people gave the Senate back to the Republicans. This is a check and balance in a president who’s out of control,” Nance told host Stephen K. Bannon.

To read the full transcript or listen to the interview click here.

Nominee Makes No Difference The Senate Should Hold Its Ground

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Washington, D.C. – Penny Nance, President and CEO of Concerned Women for America (CWA), the nation’s largest public policy organization for women, had this to say on President Obama’s nomination of Judge Merrick Garland to the United States Supreme Court:CWALAC_MediaStatement

“President Obama’s choice for the Supreme Court does not change the fact that the Senate needs to continue to do the proper thing by fulfilling its role of ‘advice and consent.’ The people need to have a voice in the type of justice they want to replace Justice Scalia by electing the next president of the United States.

“This nomination will upset the balance of the Supreme Court to the radical left for many decades.  Such a seismic shift in the highest court of the land must be presented to the people.

“Our very form of government is at stake here.  Fundamental rights, like the First and Second Amendment, do not have majority support at the Supreme Court right now.  Americans should be aware of what is at stake as they select their candidate for president this November.

“Over two hundred CWA state leaders from around the country have signed a letter in full support of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley’s careful approach to this vacancy. Republican leadership is living up to its sacred oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States by withholding consent from President Obama’s nominee.”

For an interview with Penny Nance, please contact Janae Stracke at [email protected] or 712-269-1724.