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Calling on South Dakotans to Defend the U.S. Constitution

By February 16, 2015South Dakota
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Your help is needed to defeat HJR 1001 and HB 1069, both of which are a threat to our U.S. Constitution. HJR 1001 calls for a Constitution Convention (commonly known as an Article V Convention) for the purpose of adding a Balanced Budget Amendment to our Constitution. HB 1069 is an effort to restrict delegates only to a Balanced Budget Amendment.

Both bills passed in the House State Affairs Committee yesterday, and will most likely be voted on in the House either this afternoon or tomorrow.

Take Action NOW: Click here to e-mail your two representatives and urge them to oppose HJR 1001 and HB 1069. Then, contact others to do the same.

Consider these talking points:

  • The preferred, and safer, manner in which to amend the Constitution is for Congress to vote for a Balanced Budget Amendment. (A two-thirds vote is required). It would then need to be ratified by three-fourths of the states.
  • Limiting the Convention to one subject seems pie-in-the-sky since the Left has sabotaged conservatives’ well-intentioned bills and events in the past.
  • Citizens have perpetually feared “opening up the Constitution” because they know how easy it would be to take down our country if someone were to tamper with the 200+ year document.
  • Radical activists do not have the same intentions as our Founding Fathers—who pledged their property and sacred honor.
  • Convention delegates would not likely be bound to any oath to uphold the Constitution—as is the case for our Congressmen—who sometimes appear to denigrate that.
  • To whom would Constitutional Convention delegates be held accountable should the Convention get out of hand or fail in its mission?

Pray: Ask the Lord to give our representatives the eyes to see the danger of these two bills.