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Dear Woke Media: Stop Using Broken People to Further Your Political Agenda

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“Lia Thomas has dominated women’s college swimming this season—and has also become a lightning rod for controversy.,” Sports Illustrated wrote in its brand new piece,I Am Lia: The Trans Swimmer Dividing America Tells Her Story.”

Sports Illustrated sat down with Lia Thomas, the University of Pennsylvania swimmer, a male who identifies as female, who has been crushing records on the women’s swim team this season. The exclusive interview focused on what it is like to compete as a biological male on the female swim team. 

While claiming to be an exclusive interview, Sports Illustrated does not exactly go out of its way to hide its political ideology. The piece even features a cover image of Thomas in a swimming pool overlapped with the words, “To Swim as Herself.

The piece calls Thomas’ story a “right-wing obsession” and talks about how the University’s social media handlers have turned off comments on certain pictures that feature the swimmer. It is also reported that Thomas avoids name mentions online and has turned off direct messaging on Instagram due to threats. Meanwhile, Sports Illustrated decided to write a large feature story on the troubled athlete. 

Sports Illustrated can claim that Thomas is the subject of a right-wing obsession. Still, I would argue that it is not so much Thomas as an individual that is the subject of controversy, but the undeniable unfair advantage that Thomas’ teammates and competitors face as they are forced to compete against a tall, broad-shouldered biological male. 

I have yet to see commentary attacking Thomas as an individual. I would argue that Thomas is not even necessarily the one to blame for the controversy, but the University of Pennsylvania’s athletic department, the NCAA, and the woke media. They continue to push their own narratives at the sake of female athletes and even at the sake of Thomas. 

The sad reality of the transgender movement is that individuals struggling with gender dysphoria often are desperately longing to fit in and be accepted, just as Thomas explains in the Sports Illustrated interview. 

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, “Gender dysphoria is a condition in which there is a conflict between the person’s physical gender and the gender that he or she identifies with…The feeling of being in the body of the ‘wrong’ gender must last for at least two years for the diagnosis to be made.” [1]

However, no matter how much surgery or medication an individual undergoes, he or she is born with a set of DNA that is either male or female. That being said, those struggling with gender confusion will never gain the acceptance they seek by attempting to transition to the opposite gender.

While this reality is absolutely no excuse for harassment and threats, we must stop with the false narrative that biological males have a right to compete against females because they believe they have been born in the wrong body. It is only damaging to all parties involved. 

A biological male athlete will always stand out amongst his female competition because his DNA is and will always be scientifically different. He was never designed to fit in as a female; any woke media, athletic department, or athletic association that denies this has fallen into the lie that allowing males to compete against females is the answer to acceptance or they know the truth but continue to selfishly use transgender athletes for their own personal agendas. 

I don’t know Thomas’ whole story. I don’t know what kind of trauma the swimmer may or may not have faced growing up or in competing against other males in the past, but I do know that the answer to acceptance is not found in transitioning into a woman. I know that the answer to acceptance is not found in joining the women’s swim team or even in swimming in general. 

In John 14:6, “Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’”

Individuals struggling with identity deserve better than to be affirmed in gender dysphoria. They deserve to be told the truth. They deserve to be told that despite the lies being fed to them by the demonic culture of this day, acceptance is only found in one place. Acceptance is and will always be found in the truth, that is Jesus Christ. 

[1] U.S. National Library of Medicine, “Gender dysphoria,” Medline Plus, June 15, 2015,

The Great Lie of this Generation

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By Deanna Drogan, YWA Eastern Regional Coordinator

Since the beginning of time, the devil has used one simple lie to cause destruction and chaos on all of humanity: you can and should become your own god.

After all, this is how the devil himself was cast out of heaven and became a fallen angel. The book of Ezekiel tells us that when in heaven, Lucifer was ordained as a guardian cherub. The book of Isaiah tells us that in heaven, the Lord sits enthroned between the cherubim, meaning that this position is no small honor.

It is hard to go from quoting Scripture to then quoting the great Uncle Ben Parker of the beloved Spider-Man Marvel comics, but I would argue that we can actually find strong Biblical truth in the fact that “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Lucifer was elevated to a position of higher power, and pride got the best of him as he thought he could elevate himself to the highest position of authority, God. Now, after being cast to the earth from heaven and knowing his time is short, the devil tries to use the same trick he pulled in heaven to influence other angels. This was done in the garden. One simple opportunity for Eve to become so compelled by pride that she would follow her own curiosity rather than submit to God’s authority would soon develop a dangerous pattern for generations to come.

There are great consequences when we try to become the gods of our own lives, despite how glamourous and attainable the devil might make it out to be. God takes buying into this lie very seriously, and the outcome will never result in prosperity.

The Bible says in Ephesians that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the Heavenly places (Ephesian 6:12). As believers, the cultural issues that we see today, such as abortion, sexual perversion, gender confusion, injustice, and critical race theory, all go back to the issue of pride. They all go back to that one simple lie: you can and should be your own god.

Being your own god means that you have no higher authority with whom to submit. There is no fear of God or Lordship to acknowledge. You can govern your own rules because you essentially know what is best for your life and the lives of those around you.

It is no surprise that the emblem of the whole entire LGBT movement is based around the word pride. In a world where there is no Lordship to surrender to, you can create your own rules for your life. You can marry whoever you want to marry, you can be whichever gender you best identify with, you can destroy a city when an election doesn’t rule in your favor, and you can even murder your own child when it is suitable for your lifestyle.

Romans 8 tells us that if we are in Christ, we are constantly at war with our flesh. It even tells us that “the mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.” If being governed by our own flesh results in death, we clearly do not make very good gods. As imperfect, ignorant beings, there is never a moment that we are not in need of a perfect, all-knowing being to sustain us.

As soon as we understand this simple lie the enemy continues to whisper to this generation, we can develop our battle plan. It is very hard to fight your enemy without having any idea or understanding of how he functions. Many Christians stay out of the political sphere because they believe that they are to focus on the spiritual battle at hand, but this ideological battle our culture is facing is the spiritual battle.

We are ultimately not fighting our brothers and sisters, and we are not even fighting policies; we are fighting an enemy who seeks to kill, steal, and destroy. So I encourage you to get in the Word, study your enemy, put on the full armor of God, and engage in the fight.

Disturbing Astroworld incident is a reminder

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Disturbing Astroworld incident reminds us that the cultural battle we face is a spiritual battle

Nine dead. Many more hospitalized. Shallow breath. Loss of vision. Screams for help. But the show must go on, right?

Writing this was complicated because I don’t think anyone, including attendees, truly knows what happened at American rapper and record producer Travis Scott’s chilling Astroworld Festival on November 5.

What seems to be a consistent story is that the crowd surged towards the stage, and people were trampled and shoved, resulting in multiple fatalities and many injuries.

The world wants us to believe that it doesn’t matter what we consume, the people with whom we surround ourselves, or the atmospheres in which we engage, but the tragedy at Astroworld proves the opposite is true.

According to the Wall Street Journal, it was towards the beginning of the performance that concertgoers began to compress towards the front of the stage, causing panic. “People began to fall out, become unconscious, and it created additional panic,” stated Houston’s Fire Chief, Samuel Peña.

Fox News reported over 300 were treated at a field hospital on site. Investigations into whether attendees were stabbed with syringes and injected with drugs are being held.

As if this event could not get even more disturbing, it was reported that the youngest individual to be injured and hospitalized was just nine years old, and among the victims who died, the youngest was just 14-years old.

Unfortunately, this kind of barbaric atmosphere is nothing new for Scott. In fact, in the past, concert chaos has been encouraged by the 30-year-old rapper. In 2017, Scott was arrested for inviting fans to rush the stage. Scott also has a history of publicly bragging about injured concert members.

Multiple concert attendees have described demonic energy and satanic symbolism at the event. The mainstream media has quickly relegated these firsthand accounts as QAnon conspiracies.

While we cannot confirm all of these theories, the deaths, injuries, claims that attendees felt like they were in Hell, stage styled like the gates of Hell, Scott’s shirt that appeared to look like people walking through a portal and turning into demons – and last but not least, the absolute profane music being performed, could lead us to believe that maybe, just maybe, there was quite a bit of Satanic activity going on at this event.

This brings us back to the very issue we continue to see become a more and more consistent pattern in our society: the poisoning of the minds of our youth.

Where are the parents? Who in the world is allowing their young child to listen to “songs” filled with horrendous profanity, let alone attend a whole event dedicated to listening to them?

But this is not just an issue for youth. It is an issue for all of us.

One of the sneakiest lies that the Enemy continuously whispers to this culture is that it really doesn’t matter much with what we fill our minds, what we put in front of our eyes, what we let pass through our ears, the atmospheres in which we put ourselves.

However, science and the Word of God tell us otherwise. Philippians 4:8 says, “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” 

It matters what we think; it matters to what we listen to; it matters where we place ourselves.

In a depraved culture that lacks a fear of God, it is no surprise that media sources are making a joke out of the satanic theories about Astroworld. Little do they know that an atmosphere where the Enemy is not only present but welcomed is a recipe for absolute chaos and confusion.

No one deserved to die or be hospitalized at this horrific event. It should be a reminder to all of us that this cultural battle we fight is not one of flesh and blood. It is a spiritual battle. Pray for all who were hurt, pray for the families who lost loved ones, pray for Scott’s salvation, pray for parents to better protect the minds of their children, and ultimately pray for our society to wake up and call out evil for what it is.

Biden Administration Allows Doctors to Dispense Abortion Pill by Mail

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In light of COVID-19, the Biden Administration is temporarily allowing doctors to dispense the abortion pill by mail, making it a lot easier for women to perform at-home abortions.

This action will lift the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) former restrictions on abortion drugs and reverse a Trump Administration policy that was backed by the Supreme Court in January.

Current acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock informed the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) that allowing patients to receive abortion pills will not increase risks and will keep people safe from contracting the virus.[1]

Last year, ACOG requested that the FDA lift its requirement on the abortion drug, Mifepristone (also known as Mifeprex), arguing that the in-person requirement was unnecessary and placed patients and medical staff at risk of COVID-19.[2]

While ACOG and the FDA believe that it is unnecessary for abortion pills to be dispensed by a doctor in person, let’s just examine the FDA’s background on Mifepristone and what exactly it does to a woman and her baby.

FDA history:
Mifepristone was approved by the FDA in 2000 for up to 10 weeks’ gestation with an explicit warning that buyers should not purchase the drug over the Internet “because they will bypass important safeguards designed to protect their health.”

However, the FDA updated its website Tuesday, April 12, noting that it had conducted a “careful scientific review” of in-person and by-mail dispensing of the drugs “either by or under the supervision of a certified prescriber, or through a mail-order pharmacy when such dispensing is done under the supervision of a certified prescriber.”

“The FDA’s intent to exercise enforcement discretion with respect to these requirements during the public health emergency is the result of a thorough scientific review by experts within FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), who evaluated relevant information, including available clinical outcomes data and adverse event reports,” the FDA’s website said. [3]

What takes place during a medical or chemical abortion?
When a medical or chemical abortion takes place, Mifepristone is used together with another drug called Misoprostol (also known as Cytotec) to end the woman’s pregnancy.

In order to cut off blood and nourishment to her baby, Mifepristone will begin to block the mother’s natural production of “progesterone,” causing her child to starve to death.

Between 24-48 hours later, the woman will take Misoprostol which will cause her to contract and bleed in order to force the dead baby out of her womb. [4]

Several known risks of Mifepristone and Misoprostol include severe cramping, contractions, and heavy bleeding, as well as potential abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, and excessive bleeding. However, one of the biggest concerns with the drug is that since it has only had approval since 2000 in the United States, women are being subjected to a medical event with unknown risks.

According to Live Action’s websites, maternal deaths have even occurred. [5]

While “health experts” think that the risk of contracting COVID-19 outweighs the dangers of lifting restrictions on the abortion pill, we can see that increasing the ability to perform DIY abortions results in many health risks for mothers (known and unknown) and an increasing number of babies innocently murdered from abortion.

We must now more than ever not only stand up for the innocent unborn but also for women who are being deceived into believing that abortion is safe and that it is their only option.

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