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Antisemitism Erupts on College Campuses Across America

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Over the weekend, Sahar Tartak, Editor-in-chief of the Yale Free Press, was documenting the Palestinian protest on Yale’s campus. Protestors quickly recognized her Hasidic Jewish attire and started to encircle Sahar and her friend; unfortunately, the standoff ended with a protestor stabbing Sahar in the eye with a Palestinian flag. Sahar reported the incident to campus police, but they told her there was nothing they could do.

Sahar’s story has hardly received any media coverage since there have been many antisemitic stories arising from American campuses. Over the last couple of weeks, college campuses, mostly Ivy League campuses, have erupted with antisemitic, terrorist-sympathizing mobs, most notably at Columbia University. John McWhorter, a Columbia University professor, always takes his students through composer John Cage’s infamous piece 4’33”, which comprises listening to the surrounding noise in silence for the amount of time in the title. However, with at least two Israeli and three American Jews in his classroom, he had to pivot his lesson for the day, as the Hamas-sympathizing mob was spewing anti-Jewish rhetoric so loudly outside of his building that it would have enveloped the silence.

An encampment on Columbia University’s campus has only grown since police arrested more than 100 protestors last week. The encampment has been working with lawyers to share with Columbia their demands for their encampment to dissolve— that the school would cut financial ties to Israel and divest from companies enabling its conflict. Fox News reporters have visited many of these encampments over the last couple of weeks talking with students about why they are participating, but many of them cannot provide substantive answers. So yes, many of the protestors are ignorant; many of them are simply acting out the DEI ideology that is taught at their university, but some are being fueled directly by professors.

Several Columbia professors have raised eyebrows over the years concerning antisemitic comments. Take, for example, Dr. Mohamad Abdou, who posted on social media on October 11, “I’m with Hamas & Hezbollah & Islamic Jihad.” It is apropos that the course he was teaching at Columbia this semester was entitled “Decolonial-Queerness & Abolition in SWAN.” Another professor, Professor Joseph Andoni Massad published an article in The Electronic Intifada entitled, “Just another battle or the Palestinian war of liberation?” on October 8, 2023, where he praises Hamas’ invasion of Israel. There is an entire segment in his article entitled “Jubilation and awe” where he uses words like “astounding,” “marveled,” and “incredible” to describe the attack on October 7. If Columbia University is willing to hire, place on tenure, and hesitates to fire educators who hate Western Civilization, then it is easy to see why their students are holding these protests. Columbia’s students are acting out what they are being taught.

The House of Representatives has been hard at work hosting hearings highlighting antisemitism on college campuses. During one of those hearings Rep. Elise Stefanik’s (R-New York) exchange with Harvard University’s president ended with the president resigning. The House has voted and passed multiple measures addressing antisemitism in the country and aiding Israel in her fight against Hamas. On April 24, Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana), Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-Virginia, Chairwoman of the House’s Education and Workforce Committee), and multiple New York Republican Members of the House held a press conference on Columbia’s campus regarding the pro-Hamas encampments. Speaker Johnson called for those who are perpetrating violence to be arrested and Columbia University’s president to resign. During the press conference, Rep. Anthony D’esposito (R-New York) shared with the press and the protestors surrounding them that this week, Hamas endorsed the protests that are happening across the United States— the college protestors celebrated Hamas’ endorsement. The Speaker committed to the American people that the House of Representatives will not stay silent about this cancerous mob mentality that is spreading across American universities.

Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee will continue to stand against antisemitism and support the House’s efforts to protect Jewish students across the nation.