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America must not become UberAbortion for Illegal Immigrants

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Washington, D.C. — Judge Tanya S. Chutkan, of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, has just ruled the U.S. government must provide access to an abortion for an undocumented minor or be held in contempt.

Penny Nance, CEO & President of Concerned Women for America (CWA), had this to say:

“If there were any doubt of the disaster that is our immigration system, this should erase it.  Is the U.S. going to be legally forced to provide access to abortions for illegal immigrants now? That will apparently be our new reality, if this ruling is allowed to stand.

“The Office of Refugee Resettlement is providing care for this young woman and her unborn child, but abortion is not health care. There is no constitutional right for illegal immigrants to come to the U.S. and obtain abortions under federal care.

“The girl in this case is a minor who crossed the border unaccompanied by an adult.  Just think about that. Are we now inviting minors to cross the border if they want to circumvent their country’s laws and/or their parents’ authority to obtain a free abortion in the United States? Regardless of whether or not the actual abortionist is paid by the taxpayer, there are still federal costs associated with it, such as overseeing the girl’s recovery and transport to and from the elective abortion. This is a new frontier for abortion activists in which the federal government essentially becomes UberAbortion.

“We are sympathetic to this young woman’s plight. She has been offered expedited resettlement back into her own home country. In addition, Concerned Women for America and humanitarian organizations in the country stand ready to facilitate the adoption of the baby by a loving American family. We support the Trump Administration’s ethic of life. As a policy matter — and as a constitutional matter — this judge’s reasoning is wrong and incompatible with American values. It would set a dangerous precedent, if left to stand.”

For an interview with Penny Nance, contact Annabelle Rutledge at or 916-792-3973.