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Action Needed By Monday! Protect Texas Female Athletes

By April 27, 2023Texas
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Last month, the State Senate passed SB 15, a bill that will extend protections for Texas collegiate female athletes by prohibiting male-born athletes from entering women’s sports as transwomen.

This Monday, May 1, SB 15 will be heard before the House Higher Education Committee. Concerned Women for America of Texas will be at the hearing representing your voice on this important bill and advocating for fair competition and equality in girls’ sports for all Texas female athletes.

Your voice is critical on this important issue, too! If SB 15 is not passed, our college and university women will be required to share locker rooms, titles, and competition records with biological men whose innate physical capabilities give unfair advantages to them. Women will be denied personal dignity, safety, titles, and records, without which many can suffer repairable financial and professional disadvantages and, in some cases, physical harm.


Will you do these two things by Monday morning?

  1. Contact each of the members of the House Higher Education Committee and urge them to VOTE YES ON SB 15. The committee contact information is listed before my signature.
  2. Submit a public comment right here. Select SB 15 by Middleton. This is a simple yet powerful way to stand in the gap for our female athletes.

Please be sure to forward this to family and friends!


Pray for the committee members by name that God would give them the wisdom and understanding to accomplish His purposes.

Thank you for engaging on this very important issue.

Jana Long
State Director


Chair: Rep. John Kuempel (R-District 44)
(512)463-0602 l

Vice Chair: Rep. Dennis Paul (R-District 129)
(512)463-0734 l

Rep. John Bucy (D-District 136)
(512)463-0696 l

Rep. DeWayne Burns (R-District 58)
(512)463-0538 l

 Rep. Dustin Burrows (R-District 83)
(512)463-0542 l

 Rep. Travis Clardy (R-District 11)
(512)463-0592 l

Rep. Sheryl Cole (D-District 46)
(512)463-0506 l

Rep. Mary Gonzalez (D-District 75)
(512)463-0613 l

Rep. Donna Howard (D-District 48)
(512)463-0631 l

Rep. Suleman Lalani (D-District 76)
(512)463-0596 l

Rep. John Raney (R-District 14)
(512)463-0698 l