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YWA Ambassador Testifies on Texas Girls’ Sports Bill

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On March 13, 2023, Young Women for America Ambassador Noelle Fitchett testified in front of the Texas Senate State Affairs Committee Hearing on SB 15, a bill that would prohibit biological males from competing in female college athletics.

From competing in soccer and dance in high school, as well as having three younger brothers, Noelle can attest to the biological differences between males and females. Because of their strength and athletic capacity, it is unjust to have biological males compete against and alongside biological females. Noelle says, “Allowing men in women’s sports is an outrage and a betrayal of women’s rights. This is discrimination toward women in the 21st century. This is an attack on the progress we have made as a society, an attack on science, on women, and who God created us to be.”

You can read Noelle’s statement in full here. You can watch testimony below.

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Noelle cares about keeping female sports for females only because she believes God made man and woman distinctly and differently. She sees the placing of males in female sports as deliberately ignoring what a woman really is, as well as the end of female athletics and therefore, the end to opportunities for so many women in America.

On Thursday, March 16, the bill passed out of the committee. We are thankful for the current Texas law that protects girls’ sports by ensuring biological males cannot compete on female teams in K-12 education, and we anticipate the day this bill lands on Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk so that women are protected at every level of athletics in the state of Texas.

Picture caption: YWA Ambassador Noelle Fitchett is on the left, and Texas Values’ Director of Government Relations Mary Castle is on the right.

YWA Ambassador Noelle Fitchett
YWA Ambassador Noelle Fitchett and Texas Values' Director of Government Relations Mary Castle.