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Why is Homosexuality Wrong?

By November 19, 2011Illinois
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I attended the civil union ceremonies in Chicago this summer. I stood next to a big sign that said, “Marriage is between a man and a woman.” After the civil union ceremonies, some of the homosexuals came up to our sign to take a picture together as a couple. As much as they may think they now have a union, they do not. The city of Chicago has erred in calling homosexuality a union.

I care about homosexual people as much I care about everyone. I have relatives who are homosexual. But their sexual act is not natural. While I was at the civil union ceremony I had a wonderful conversation with a man who was saying to homosexuals, “God loves you and approves of your union.” I stood next to him and asked him if he thought homosexuality was natural. He said yes, definitely. I said if their union is natural then why aren’t homosexuals naturally happy with what they have in their union, no children. Why do they want the fruit of the heterosexual union? He diverted the question.

I am a nurse so I understand why homosexuality is wrong anatomically. There is no anatomic union between a man and a man or a woman and a woman. There are no parts that healthily fit in either sexual union. A woman and a woman do not fit together. In the sexual act, they stay outside of any union or find devices to simulate the natural sexual act between a man and a woman. A man and a man do the same thing. They simulate the union of man and women by having a sexual act in an area of the body that is very unclean, the colon. Both lesbians and homosexual men are artificially copying the natural sexual union of a man and a woman.

Physiologically one can see that God gave the miraculous ability to create life in the natural sexual act between a man and a woman. When I consider the sexual act of homosexuality, I am saddened and grieved by how man has perverted this miracle. When a man and a man have a sexual act together, they mix the body fluids meant for life with the waste products of the colon. Women in the homosexual act lose by default in wasting their once a month egg formulation. This is clearly not natural and not what God intended for us to do with the sexual act. God said, “Be fruitful and multiply.” He said this to bless us with the gift of life that even homosexuals get from the union of a man and a woman. Oh, pray for these dear people who are being thrown into this unhealthy, unnatural lifestyle with the approval of our government.