Where Do Georgia’s Elected Officials Stand on Common Core?

By October 6, 2013Georgia
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Dear Friends,

On September 5, 2013, Concerned Women for America (CWA) of Georgia hand-delivered to Gov. Nathan Deal, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, State School Superintendent John Barge, and all state legislators a five-question questionnaire and accompanying letter concerning the Common Core Initiative. We respectfully requested that they complete the questionnaire by October 8, 2013. We will post the responses to the questionnaire on the georgia.stopcommoncore.com web site beginning October 11, 2013.

Click here to read the letter and questionnaire.

A groundswell of outrage against the Common Core Initiative is taking place here in Georgia and all across the nation. Parents, grandparents, concerned citizens, and educators are waking up to the fact that Georgia was duped when we agreed to take federal funds via the Race to the Top grant and the No Child Left Behind waiver. We have shackled Georgia students with untested, subpar standards in math and English language arts. We have sold our education birthright to control standards and testing. Sadly, the losers are our children and grandchildren.

We can reverse course on the Common Core. Strong legislation must be passed in the state legislature to withdraw Georgia from the Common Core, to prohibit intrusive student data-tracking, and to establish a Curriculum Content Standards Advisory Council to review and revise the adoption of any future standards, including the current math and English language arts standards.

You can make a difference today by completing the following action items:

Click here to view how Gov. Deal, Lt. Governor Cagle, and State Superintendent Barge responded to the questionnaire. Click here to view how your state senator responded to the questionnaire. Click here to view how your state legislator responded to the questionnaire.

For those who answered yes, contact their offices and thank them for standing with Georgia students. Tell them to support S.B. 167 and S.B. 203 in the 2014 legislative session that starts in January.

For those who answered no or undecided, contact their offices and tell them you are concerned about the loss of educational sovereignty due to commitments made through Race to the Top and the No Child Left Behind waiver. Tell them a vote against Common Core is a vote for higher educational standards in Georgia. Urge them to stand with Georgia children and support S.B. 167 and S.B. 203 in the 2014 legislative session that starts in January.

For those who have not returned the questionnaire, contact their offices and urge them to complete the questionnaire and return it quickly. Be sure to check back to see if your elected officials returned the questionnaire.

Click here to find your state legislators.

Lastly, would you contact us and let us know of your conversations with any of the elected officials? This will assist us immensely as we move through the next several months.

Thank you for making a difference! We cannot do this alone. It will take the prayers and efforts of each one of us to reverse course and return education sovereignty to Georgia citizens.

For Freedom!
Tanya Ditty, M.Ed.
State Director

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