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When is a Man not a Man? When He is Dressed Like a Woman.

By December 15, 2011Blog, Defense of Family
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Recently, Macy’s fired a female employee for confronting a transgender man who used the women’s dressing room.  Transgender?  Give me a break!  First of all, there is no such thing; it is a choice of behavior.  And hope as we might, our desire to behave in a certain way does not legitimize a chosen behavior.  It certainly does not entitle them to circumvent the rights of society and our moral tenets in order for them to “have their way.”  Natalie Johnson, the employee in question, was quoted in an ABC interview, “I refuse to comply with this policy,” and “There are no transgenders in the world.  A guy can dress up as a woman all he wants.  That’s still not going to make you a woman.”  And, “if you’re a man going into the women’s fitting room, I will kindly escort you to the men’s fitting room.”

Johnson said the man was wearing make-up and girls’ clothing and explained he was a female. He was accompanied by several other individuals who argued (with expletives) that Macy’s was LGBT friendly.

Good for Johnson!  For this she is, of course, being called a “bigot,” and many of the members of the press suggest she should have left her religious faith at home, as they believe it does not belong at her place of employment.  Dualism anyone?  Heard that one before?  Well, I suggest folks leave their sexual behaviors at home, thank you so much.

Macy’s LGBT policy allows “transgender” people to change in any dressing room they desire.  The company’s policy to protect the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning) dressing room “rights” borders on completely absurd.  I wonder if a pyromaniac would be equally as welcome.  After all he/she was likely born to burn stuff, so…  By the way, the “Q” that stands for “questioning” opens a Pandora’s Box of “whatever feels good” sexuality, including pedophilia according to the definition.  Who’s to say that any person, including pedophiles, cannot go shopping at Macy’s, pretend to be transsexual, bisexual, or whatever they feel like that day and, therefore, be allowed in dressing rooms to peak at innocent children?

In essence, Macy’s department stores are circumventing parental rights and the safety of our children in order to be “politically and sexually” correct.  I say we teach them a lesson and shop elsewhere until they change their policies to reflect common sense values that protect our children from predators.  Besides, what does sexual behavior have to do with trying on clothes?   Are we really so dull that we would let this grievous offense go unnoticed and unpunished?  Do we really want to send our children into the Macy’s dressing rooms to try on a Christmas dress or suit, knowing that the store promotes the lifestyles of sexual deviancy IN THE DRESSING ROOM at the expense of the safety of our kids and, indeed, the decency of Americans as a whole?

I, for one, am sick and tired of the false compassion being shown to special sexual interest groups at the cost of the rest of us.  It is a dangerous and slippery slope America is sliding down if we let this continue.  There are groups actively pursuing breaking down the final moral protection of society by normalizing pedophilia.  Is Macy’s part of this agenda?  I hope not, but, until I hear otherwise, I will have to assume so and shop elsewhere.

Our guest blogger today is Janne Myrdal.  Janne serves as State Director of Concerned Women for America of North Dakota.