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Pro-Life Provisions on the Line in the Spending Bill!

By December 15, 2011LAC Hot Topics/Alerts
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Dear Friends,With a mere day before the federal government shuts down, President Obama and Senate Democrat leaders are employing their usual antics to try to strong arm their anti-American policies through Capitol Hill.On Monday, Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) refused to bring up the spending bills, which he held hostage, because he didn’t like tax payroll legislation the House passed.The House called his bluff and was working to pass a compromise spending bill that had been agreed to by Republican and Democrat leaders in the House and Senate as well as the appropriators. While this legislation is not something to celebrate, it is bipartisan, and it does protect the annual pro-life provisions.Now, at the 11th hour, Reid and Obama are saying the Democrats did not agree on the language. They want to hold the government hostage over the so-called “extreme social and ideological riders,” the annual pro-life provisions they agreed to include.The main hold up is the D.C. abortion ban which prohibits local and federal funding for abortions on demand. The inconvenient truth for Reid and Obama is that the issue of D.C. abortion funding was settled last spring when it was reinserted into the omnibus which they both supported. Even more telling is that these same Democrats who are squawking about the D.C. abortion ban have supported it numerous times!Please call your Senators and Representative at 202-224-3121 and urge them not to jettison pro-life provisions to accommodate Senator Reid’s antics.