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What is Going On with the Missouri Primaries?

By February 25, 2024Missouri
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The 2024 elections are upon us, and we need your help to ensure that every eligible vote counts in Missouri!

Concerned Women for America (CWA) of Missouri works to ensure that voters are educated on the election process here in Missouri, know how and where to vote, and ensure that every vote counts. Informed voters are more likely to go to the polls and vote.

Missouri state law has changed, requiring Missouri Republicans to attend a caucus to choose delegates to represent the party’s selected presidential nominee. March 2, 2024, is the day registered Missouri Republicans can make their presidential pick. There has been confusion and many questions surrounding this change. I wanted to share with you the Republican and Democrat primary process for this year’s presidential election.

Republican Party: Caucus – March 2, 2024

The Missouri GOP is conducting a series of caucuses and conventions to elect delegates to represent Missouri at the Republican National Convention. Caucuses will be held in each county. Find your caucus location here.

The caucus replaces the normal Presidential Primary and is the means by which the Missouri Republican Party sends delegates and alternates to the Republican National Convention. 

If you are a Republican, the caucus is the way you, as a voter, will make your voice heard in the nomination process for President of the United States. No presidential candidate will be on the August 6, 2024, primary ballot in Missouri. 

For information on 2024 caucus locations, rules, requirements, and to pre-register, visit the Missouri GOP website

Democratic Party:  Primary – March 23, 2024

The Democratic Party will continue with primary elections in the state of Missouri. Participants are required to register as a member of the Democratic Party prior to casting their votes. You can find additional details at Missouri Democrats

No matter your party affiliation, please vote.

Tracy Dougan
State Director