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Introducing She Prays, She Votes 2020

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Introducing She Prays, She Votes 2020

The main goal of She Prays, She Votes 2020 will be prayer.  Now more than ever, Christians need to be on their knees before God to pray for our nation, for our leaders, and for this election.

We will be hosting ten prayer calls between now and Election Day in November. These calls will happen on each Thursday of the week from August 6 up until the last week in October. In each call, we will be focusing on a state where the election results are critical, but the main focus of these calls will be to seek God first and beseech Him for our nation. Every week we will be sending out details for the call that week and the one for the next week – when, how to connect and who will be joining us on the call to pray.

The secondary goal of this project is to get people out to vote. We will be working on making sure people are registered to vote and that they know where to go to do that. We will be providing information to help people walk through that process and, hopefully, inspire them to action. We are putting together packets of information that you will be able to download and share with your family and friends.

Please join us as we make a difference in Election 2020!