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V.O.T.E. Your Values! North Carolina’s Christian Values Voters’ Must Be Heard!

By October 27, 2014North Carolina
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I am deeply concerned when I hear from a fellow Christian who decides not to vote. While praying and talking to God about the seriousness of this decision by some, I thanked God that we live in a country in which we choose our leaders with our votes. Continuing in prayer, the thought occurred to me to use an acronym for V.O.T.E. Ask non-voting individuals, what are the “Values Of Those Elected”? If an individual cannot support a candidate with a vote, then suggest voting for a political party platform that best represents constitutional and Christian family values. There is one party platform that supports Israel, life in the womb, and marriage defined by God as between one man and one woman.

This is a critical time in our nation when Christians must be willing to stand on God’s laws, which protect life, marriage, and Israel. Christians must be involved in the political process. As registered voters, we have the responsibility to vote for the political party that shares our moral values. Beverly and Tim LaHaye in their book, Party of Two, say, “Liberal secular humanists are destroying our once-Christian culture due to the apathy of the 52 percent of Christians who do not vote. … In a republic, we deserve the kind of government we get, by voting or not voting.”

If we are to retain any fragment of America’s heritage for our children, as the Judeo-Christian country we know and love, we must unite as Christians and vote our values; we must remain ever vigilant with prayers for our nation to stop the liberal world view perpetrated by a humanistic/socialist-led federal government. “The time has come that Christians must vote … and do their duty to their country as a part of their duty to God” Charles Finney (1792-1875).


  • Early voting period is now through Saturday, November 1. Click here for early voting poll locations in your area.
  • Tuesday, October 28, 5:00 p. m. is the last day to request absentee ballots for the general election.
  • Tuesday, November 4 is Election Day.

For questions, contact the North Carolina Board of Elections.
Pray that America turns back to God, through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We will only see change in our nation when we, as God’s people called by His Name (2 Chronicles 7:14), commit to prayer and commit to vote, ensuring that our great state and nation remain as “the shining city on the hill” (Matthew 5:14).

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