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URGENT: Support the Repeal of South Dakota’s Initiated Measure 22

By January 31, 2017South Dakota
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No doubt you’ve heard much in the media about Initiated Measure 22 (IM22) and HB1069, the bill to repeal IM22.

You will recall that CWA of South Dakota took a stand against IM22 on the ballot last fall.  With so much “fake news” these days, there is much deception in the media about this good repeal bill, HB1069.

You may be asking, “Why must the South Dakota Legislature repeal/replace a measure (IM22) for which the people voted?”

Here is the answer:

  • Liberal “big money” came from outside our state, and we were used as a petri dish to spread their liberal agenda.
  • Ad-buys are cheap here, so think how far the “big money,” estimated at over $1.7 million, goes!
  • Good citizens were caught unawares with horribly deceitful ads that portrayed good legislators as corrupt.
  • Pushed by Rick Weiland, three-time loser for a South Dakota elected office, the deception was rampant.
  • IM22, an extraordinarily lengthy document, was challenged in the Sixth Judicial Circuit Court, and Judge Mark Barnett placed a preliminary injunction, finding IM22 likely unconstitutional “beyond a reasonable doubt.”
  • Drafters of the measure (Massachusetts-based nonprofit advocacy group) ignored two warnings given them that IM22 could be found unconstitutional.
  • “Democracy credits” are part of IM22.  But those were designed to take almost $5 million out of our state budget to fund political campaigns – money that should fund our schools and Medicaid, for example – even though our Constitution directs all monies be appropriated by the legislature, not by an initiated measure.
  • IM22 must be replaced because it would basically set up a fourth branch of government made up of unelected commissioners who would have authority to repeal any law passed by the South Dakota Legislature.
  • Proponents of IM22 were unable to point to any act of corruption by the legislature.
  • Legislators take an oath not to accept bribes.  The punishment for accepting a bribe is a Class 4 felony (1939 law).  IM22 makes bribery a Class 1 misdemeanor – a lesser sentence.

HB 1069, to repeal IM22, has passed the House by a vote of 54-13It will be heard in the full Senate TOMORROW, February 1. To listen to the hearing on HB1069 in the House State Affairs Committee, click here.

Please Take Action:

Contact your senator and kindly urge him/her to Vote “yes” on HB1069.Be sure to let them know that you are a member of Concerned Women for America of South Dakota. Email him/her by clicking here.  If you don’t know who your senator is, then simply click here for their name and contact information.

In addition, call the Senate lobby and leave a message for your senator at (605) 773-3821.

Please Pray HB1069 will pass in the Senate tomorrow.

Thank you in advance,

Linda Schauer
State Director
CWA of South Dakota