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URGENT: Stand up to Protect Charlotte’s Public Restrooms!

By February 12, 2015North Carolina
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When the Charlotte City Council Members convene on February 23, they will have a new ordinance added to the meeting’s agenda. The regulation, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI), is a dangerous ordinance under the guise of “civil rights”. It would mandate that any business who works for the city of Charlotte must provide public facilities without discriminating between marital or family status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

This ordinance would include private and public entities such as doctors’ offices, shower rooms, bathhouses, public gyms, day care centers, hotels, libraries, parks, and more. This proposed change would not only cause challenging public situations if passed, but this decision would violate the freedom of conscience and religion for business owners who disagree with gender neutral facilities.

Furthermore, the bathroom ordinance would affect all ages—adults and children. According to the North Carolina Values Coalition, groups like the Human Rights Campaign and Equality NC have vowed to push this agenda in every city of North Carolina. Therefore, we must stop this movement in Charlotte.

CWA of North Carolina urges you to take a stand against this dangerous ordinance which affects all North Carolinians in the name of being “politically correct”.

Take Action:

  1. Forward this e-mail to like-minded friends and family and encourage them to pray and take action on this important issue.
  2. At 5:00 p.m. on February 23, 2015, David and Jason Benham will be hosting a rally to promote Biblical values in our city. Local pastors and involved North Carolinians will meet in the courtyard outside Charlotte City Hall; we hope to see you there!
  3. Please call and/or e-mail the Charlotte City Council members today and ask them to oppose the sexual orientation and gender identity regulations to be proposed in the February 23 meeting.

Mayor Dan Clodfelter

Mayor Pro Tem Michael D. Barnes

Claire Green Fallon

David Howard

Vi Lyles

Patsy B. Kinsey

Al Austin

LaWana Mayfield

Gregory A. Phipps

John N. Autry

Kenny Smith

Edmund H. Driggs

Pray that the liberal supporters of the bill will know the truth that God made man and woman distinct in His Holy Image. Also, pray that the efforts to instate same-sex bathrooms will be thwarted.