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Urgent: Pro-life Bill & Common Core Elimination Bill Need Your Support

By March 18, 2015Kansas
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Thank you in advance for your prayers and timely action on these two great bills.

Update on SB 95, Kansas Child Protection From Dismemberment Abortion Act

Wonderful news! SB 95 passed favorably out of House Federal and State Affairs Committee on March 11 with a yes vote. It was an honor to testify before the committee on your behalf. Click here to read CWA’s testimony. It is now awaiting debate in the House any day now. The Senate has already passed the bill, and Gov. Sam Brownback has promised to sign it.

Please take a moment to pray and speak out for the voiceless.

Pray that the representatives will see that this bill will save over 500 Kansas babies from a painful death. Ask the Lord to give them courage in the midst of the opposition.

Take Action: Contact your representative and ask him/her to support SB 95. Click here to find a list of all representatives. If you don’t know who your representative is, then click “Find Your Legislator” for their name and contact information.

Update on HB 2292, Eliminating Common Core Standards

On February 23, there was a hearing on HB 2292 in the House Standing Committee on Education. They did not vote on the bill but rescheduled to continue the discussion and vote on the bill this Friday, March 20.

Ask God to open the eyes of those in positions of authority to be awakened to this dangerous education program.

Take Action: Contact each member of the House Standing Committee on Education. Ask them to vote yes on HB2292.

Visit our website to view past e-alerts, testimony, etc. on these two bills as well as others.

A special thanks to all those who took action because of our previous e-alerts on these issues. Keep up the great work! For those of you who have not yet taken action . . . now is the time! You are needed!

Forward this information on to like-minded friends and family and encourage them to pray and act today.