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Urgent CWA of Ohio Action Alert on the Heartbeat Bill

By April 5, 2011Ohio
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OHIO H.B. 125
The Heartbeat Bill

Please call on members of the Ohio House of Representatives to support the Heartbeat Bill!

The Heartbeat Bill was passed out of the Health Committee last week and now needs to go before the full House for an up-or-down vote.

Please call your representative and ask him or her to vote for H.B.125, the Heartbeat Bill. We need to call every representative until H.B. 125 gets a vote. At this time, no date has been set for this vote.

When you speak to a representative’s staff, please be positive and uplifting. Ask the staff if we can count on the representative to vote for the Heartbeat Bill, and if the answer is yes, thank them for his or her support.

If the answer is that the representative is undecided, offer to send them information, and then contact CWA of Ohio for more information.

If the answer is “no,” find out why the representative will not support H.B. 125; pass that information on to CWA of Ohio so that we can visit with the representative and give them additional information.

Every representative needs to receive phone calls until this bill receives a vote! If you get voicemail, leave a message, stating, “I want to confirm that you will be voting for the Heartbeat Bill that will protect babies with beating hearts.” Then give your name and phone number.

Click here to find out who your representative is and his or her contact information. Simply fill in your five-digit zip code. Typically you don’t need additional+4.

Thank you for all of your prayers and efforts in moving H.B. 125 out of committee and now to a final vote in the House. You are greatly appreciated!

“While I am for protecting all unborn babies, this bill is a giant step toward our goal since it will protect at least 95 percent of all babies in Ohio who would otherwise be aborted. Ohio can see history repeat and lead the way. I strongly encourage you to lend your leadership and support to the Heartbeat Bill.”
– Dr. John C. Willke, founder of National Right to Life, president of International Right to Life, Life Issues Institute, and national delegate on the board of Ohio Right to Life.

“Science has already given us a yardstick to determine if someone is alive–a beating heart. We just want to see that measurement applied evenly. This bill calls for an end to discrimination and the protection of every human being with a beating heart–no matter their age!”
– Lynn Wachtmann, Ohio State Representative and New Chair of the House Health Committee

If a Heartbeat is detected, the Baby is protected!


God bless,

Crystal Gurry
Legislative Liaison
Concerned Women for America of Ohio