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Urgent Action: Oppose Deal to Repeal Ban on Homosexuals in Military

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Dear Friends,

Last night President Obama and congressional leaders conspired with homosexual activists to force the military to allow homosexuals. No media has reported that any military leaders were in the room.

They agreed to repeal the 1993 law barring homosexual service members from the military, but to delay implementing that repeal until year-end. That is when the Department of Defense (DOD) is due to report on how the repeal would impact the military. Thus Congress will have guaranteed that the DOD report is irrelevant since its recommendations will be ignored no matter what it says.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) is expected to bring the repeal up for a vote on Thursday when the House considers the Defense Authorization bill. On the same day Senator Carl Levin (D-Michigan) will call for a vote to repeal the 1993 law in the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Admiral Mullen and Secretary Gates sent a letter asking Congress not to take any action to repeal the 1993 law until after the DOD has issued its report. Congressional leaders are putting homosexual activists’ demands above our nation’s security.

Please call your Representative at 202-225-3121 and ask him/her to oppose any effort to repeal the 1993 law and to oppose the Defense Authorization bill if the repeal language is included.

Please ask key Senators on the Armed Services Committee to oppose repealing the 1993 law. Call 202-224-3121 and ask Senators Robert Byrd (D-West Virginia), Evan Bayh (D-Indiana), Bill Nelson (D-Florida), Jack Reed (D-Rhode Island), Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska), Jim Webb (D-Virginia) and Susan Collins (R-Maine).


Wendy Wright

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