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The War We Must Wage to Save Our Babies

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By YWA Ambassador Sierra M. Welch at North Central University

63,459,781 dead.

And many, many more unaccounted for.

We are witnessing the genocide of our most precious and vulnerable citizens under the banner of “Choice,” “Bodily Autonomy,” and “Women’s Rights.” Many in this country have traded cheap phrases for the lives of those given no choice, no bodily autonomy, while denying their most basic right: the right to life.

Can you hear that our nation cries with the spilt blood of millions of innocent babies? Can you feel the untold sorrow of a nation mourning the loss of millions of adults, teenagers, toddlers, and babies that should be in our midst, yet aren’t?

Those under the banner of Christ’s love for the voiceless have just begun the war we will wage on the behalf of the innocent. We will fight for justice for these precious babies created in the profound and wondrous image of God.

The wonder and beauty of life begins from the moment of conception.

Consider this, at the moment of conception there is a flash of light, like an incredible display of fireworks. This phenomenon was discovered back in 2011 by a team at Northwestern University while studying mice and has now been captured digitally with human embryos. What a wonder is God’s magnificent creation; when the sperm and the egg meet, there is a brilliant explosion of zinc! Not only is there a spectacular display of sparks, but the baby’s sex is immediately determined chromosomally!

From this moment on, all that baby boys and girls need is a little time and space to grow. To believe from the moment of conception, babies are anything but human beings with the right to life just as any other person is completely arbitrary, ambiguous, and a dangerous philosophy to carry out into the world.

The counterarguments to choosing life are numerous, and the voices on the opposing side are loud.

  • The right to abortion is a basic human right.
  • Women need to have access to abortions in order to maintain their female autonomy.
  • The baby is not human until it has a heartbeat, is viable outside the womb, until it is sentient, or until it is born.
  • The baby would have grown up in a bad home, so abortion is the best option.
  • Women will die from back-alley abortions if abortion is illegal.
  • We need abortion to be legal because of cases of rape and/or incest.

Some of these arguments may seem to have significant weight and value when one does not understand that an unjust death has to take place in order to achieve said statement. Abortion cannot be a basic human right because it undermines the reality that the baby in the womb is deserving of the right to life, too.

Life has profound intrinsic value no matter the situation it is born into, no matter how the mother or father feels about the child in the moment, and no matter the risk. The life of both mother and child should be fought for, valued, and held with deep reverence.

Furthermore, if one were to claim a baby in utero is not a human being because it does not have a heartbeat yet, then do we have the right to murder adults who have PACEmakers? What about an LVAD or Left Ventricular Assist Device? These individuals have dependency on a machine to make their hearts beat; is their life any less valuable because of it? Do we have the right to kill any person based upon their size, cognitive development, or location? Just because the baby’s location is in the womb, do we have the right to end the life of a child? At conception the sex and hair color are determined; three weeks after conception the baby’s heartbeat begins; the first eight weeks the baby’s brain, heart, bones, blood vessels, and organs develop, and by the 18th week of pregnancy the baby can hear.

Lastly, we must also understand rape consists of 1% of abortions and incest 0.5%, and even in these instances, these children conceived are an innocent party in the act of the crime. 74% of women have abortions because it will dramatically change their life; how cold it is to sorrowfully end the life of a precious child because it will make our lives different than they once were. Adoption is always an option.

The life-altering shift to parenthood has been around since the creation of mankind, one to which we have the honor to be a part. Not an easy task, but a God-ordained privilege.