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The Committee on Marijuana Legalization Implementation Needs to Hear From You!

By September 21, 2017Maine
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There is a hearing scheduled at the State House for next Tuesday, September 26, before the Committee on Marijuana Legalization Implementation (MLI) concerning LR 2395. This is the bill that amends the marijuana legalization act and lays the groundwork for the regulatory framework for retail marijuana.  The purpose of this hearing is to listen to the perspective of the people of Maine.  We need to send a simple message to the committee members: Recommend the legislature overturn the 2016 Question 1 vote!

Click here to read the draft bill.

The MLI committee chairs, Sen. Roger Katz and Rep. Teresa Pearce, keep talking about how they want to “get it right” to eliminate the black market. However, we all know that is not an attainable goal.  In their quest, it seems they are providing a lot of deference to the medical marijuana lobby, which obviously wants to make a profit.

This is detrimental to the citizens of Maine for many reasons such as:

  • It is against federal law
  • Makes it easier for underage children to possess
  • Revenues will not keep up with costs of law enforcement and regulation
  • Will entice unproductive out-of-staters to come to Maine
  • Can cause impaired driving
  • An opioid crisis already exists in Maine

I will be testifying on behalf of CWA of Maine concerning LR 2395.

The Committee on Marijuana Legalization Implementation needs to hear from you!

Take Action:

  1. Contact each member of the committee before next Tuesday and ask them to overturn the 2016 vote on Question 1. Click here for their names and contact information.
  2. If at all possible, attend the hearing and/or present a testimony to provide a voice in defense of public health, youth, communities, and public safety. The hearing will be at the State House at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 26, in room 228.  Contact me if you plan to testify and I will give you further instructions.

 Please Pray: Father God, we ask You to protect Maine from marijuana and to convince our lawmakers to repeal legalization of recreational marijuana.  James 4:2 says, “We have not because we ask not.”

For health and wellbeing,

Penny Morrell

State Director
CWA of Maine