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The (now seven) videos from the Center for Medical Progress have clearly outlined Planned Parenthood’s disregard for not only life but also the law. Another heartbreaking facet is how the mainstream media choses to ignore these facts to better serve their own interests. Instead of fair and unbiased reporting, the media chooses sides and overwhelmingly reports on pieces that illicit a response that does not inconvenience anyone or make anyone unnecessarily uncomfortable.

Yet, these videos force us to come to terms with the immediate consequences of our actions, something to which human beings are naturally resistant. Finally, what the pro-life crowd has been saying for years is staring back at us from a petri dish: these are babies — no doubt about it.

When Kermit Gosnell was charged and convicted, the pro-choice cult was quick to remind us that he is the exception to the rule and most places do not participate in illegal partial-birth abortions. Most places are legal and safe. However, after seven videos, some of which contain upper-level executives of Planned Parenthood confirming our worst nightmares, we now know the gruesome practice of these clinics is not only not the exception, it is the rule.

Planned Parenthood is desperate. The organization and its minions regurgitate the statistical malarkey that a mere 3% of the services it provides relate to abortion, but shockingly that is not the whole truth. Giving a woman a 12-month supply of birth control equals 12 services, an ultrasound equals another, a pregnancy test, yet another. During one visit to Planned Parenthood, a woman can easily rack up 20 “services.” Nothing Planned Parenthood provides that is related to women’s health is exclusive to Planned Parenthood. Federally Qualified Health Centers also provide poor women healthcare, in fact, thirteen times more than Planned Parenthood without participating in abortions and the bartering of baby body parts.

Planned Parenthood has an agenda, and to think that their sole interest is women is a lie. Over and over again one thing has come across loud and clear: Planned Parenthood is concerned with the bottom line; they’ve said so themselves. It is appalling that a cent of taxpayer money has gone towards the vicious annihilation of a generation, especially considering Planned Parenthood tops one billion dollars in assets. Even if no taxpayer funds go directly into providing abortions, those dollars allow Planned Parenthood to keep the lights on and print pink t-shirts to hand out to their blind celebrity following. Do not be deceived; taxpayer funding allows Planned Parenthood to more efficiently operate.

Watching videos, getting upset and then not doing anything is wasted energy. Share the videos, talk about them with your family, share them with your church family, and call your congressman and your senators. Five states have already barred Planned Parenthood from receiving state taxpayer funding. If you live in one of those states, thank your governor and work on your federal representatives. Sign a petition, write a letter to your local newspaper, attend a protest, and help us get the word out. Emotion without action does not illicit change any more than ignoring the issue does.

Editor’s Note: The videos are gruesome and although not everyone can stomach them, everyone should know what they contain. CWA has taken the liberty of summarizing the videos for those who may not be able to handle the visual heaviness of such issues. That summary is available here.