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The 17th Annual Day at the Capital – A Great Success!

By June 21, 2017North Carolina
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Last week, we spent a wonderful day in Raleigh for our 17th Annual Day at the Capital event. We were joined by Tami Fitzgerald, Executive Director of NC Values Coalition, as well as Anna Scott Marsh, Miss North Carolina International 2017.  It was a full day that included visiting all 170 legislators’ offices at the General Assembly. Over 50 people attended this extraordinary day!

It is our tradition and joy to co-host a chapel service in the Legislative Building’s sanctuary room with our legislators.  Our Associate Director, Mary Frances Forrester, led the service with a message to be intentional as we shine the light of Jesus Christ. During the service, Forrester said, “No amount of darkness can hide even a flicker of light. As we illuminate this light, may we witness a spiritual revival in our nation.”

We briefed the attendees on three bills that we want to see passed in the legislature this year.  They are as follows: HB 527, “Restore/Preserve Campus Free Speech”; SB 548, “Strengthen Human Trafficking Laws”; and HB 910, “Human Trafficking: Resistance and Rescue”.  An e-alert will be sent out soon regarding these important bills, and it will give you both prayer and action points.

Having Miss North Carolina International accompany us was a lovely addition. Anna Scott Marsh shared her own life experiences which significantly added to the briefing. With multiple copies of talking points in hand, attendees broke up into groups.  We were able to systematically visit every one of the legislative offices to express our support of these bills.

In addition, we gave each legislator a book by evangelical leader and author, Pastor James Garlow, called Well Versed. It’s an excellent resource for legislators that provides insight on 30 public policy issues. This book has been distributed all over the nation and to other state legislators. These books were well received, and we were blessed to deliver them to our state’s leaders.

Last but not least, at the conclusion of the day, we attended a reception given in our honor at Lt. Gov. Dan Forest’s office! We were very grateful for their gracious hospitality and for the time Lt. Gov. Forest spent with us.

It was indeed an outstanding day! We learned the importance of visiting our legislators and how it often results in pushing bills towards becoming law. We made many new friends and received many positive comments. After the event, one attendee shared his enthusiasm and conviction:

“The importance of actually visiting our legislators is very appreciated. It is very easy to send off an email or make a phone call, both of which we should all be doing. However, emails may be deleted; phone calls may be ignored. But it is very difficult to ignore a constituent who is standing at their door! If legislators think their constituents are not concerned about the issues, they will be less motivated to represent them. Be not afraid if you feel you are too weak, not articulate to speak on an issue, or too disabled to speak with power; remember Jesus will enable you with His power.”

Special thanks to Tami Fitzgerald and NC Values Coalition for co-sponsoring this event with us this year.  The expertise and organizational skills they contributed were exceptional.

To all those who attended or held us in prayer, thank you! We encourage you to continue contacting your state legislators and to keep praying as opportunities continue to arise.

For Truth and Freedom,

Jill Coward
State Director

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