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Ten-Dollar Women and Out-of-Touch Liberals

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WNMHashtagNews from the front line of the real war on women: ISIS is selling women for $10 to attract new recruits. But liberal Democrats would rather focus on $10 birth control readily available at Walmart than address the plight of these women that are being kidnapped, raped, and killed. Their continued “war on women” pandering has done nothing to advance true freedom of women, but rather worked to promote free “things.”

The question before us is, “Will Liberal Democrats still pretending to fight over $10 birth control in a made up “war on women” work in the midterms?” As things fall apart, the answer is a resounding “no.” This election season, we’ve seen liberal editorial boards like those in Colorado endorsing the Republican candidate (Corey Gardner) citing the liberal candidate’s (Mark Udall) refusal to get off the phony war on women rhetoric. The Colorado Springs Gazette said Mark Udall’s message was a waste of time and money:

“Few believe the pretense of a Republican war on women. The message was at first a waste of money and time. Now, it has backfired. On the average day for the past several months, Udall’s campaign has produced multiple statements with each mentioning his support of ‘birth control,’ ‘contraception’ and/or ‘abortion’ a dozen times or more. They did not come from 527s or other outside groups, but directly from the campaign. One might think Roe v. Wade hadn’t been decided 41 years ago. Or that women had no other pressing concerns.”

Unfortunately, so-called “women’s advocates” groups like the National Organization for Women and Planned Parenthood continue to discuss it, ignoring reality, and instead jumping on the bandwagon of poor messaging.

Both groups ignore the threat of ISIS for the health, wellness, and lives of women. But rest assured, multiple references to “attacks on reproductive rights” and the Republican “war on women” is given plenty of precious website capital. In fact, search NOW’s website and you will not find one single mention of ISIS. Add to that, if you search ISIS on Planned Parenthood’s website, you will kindly be redirected to a page that says “Did you mean abortion/birth control?” Because surely, when looking at what an “advocate for women” has to say about a terrorist group, you intended to find out about free birth control. At some point, and hopefully soon, it’ll be time to declare #WarNoMore.