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Stop the Pennsylvania Thought Police

By June 15, 2023Pennsylvania
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“When our Founding Fathers passed the First Amendment, they sought to protect churches from government interference. They never intended to construct a wall of hostility between government and the concept of religious belief itself.” President Ronald Reagan

HB1024, HB1025, HB1026, HB1027, known as the “Hate Crimes Packet,” must be stopped. This dangerous legislation sponsored by Rep. Dan Frankel (D-District 23) would put our religious freedoms in the government’s crosshairs for simply disagreeing with radical gender ideology. 

Should this legislation pass, individuals in Pennsylvania could claim, and courts interpret, that merely expressing one’s sincerely held beliefs is “intimidating” or represents a “threat” of force. “Hate crime” laws are used to intimidate and punish people who honor natural sexuality and value marriage as the union of one man and one woman. If a person speaks out against various sexual behaviors, they may be accused of “hate speech” and promoting “hate crimes.”

Concerned Women for America of Pennsylvania strongly opposes this legislation because it:

  • Expands Pennsylvania’s Ethnic Intimidation Statute to add sex, gender or gender identity, and sexual orientation, actual or perceived.
  • Invites anonymous reporting for anyone who speaks up about their religiously based belief about homosexuality, marriage, and gender.
  • Requires any person who is convicted of a hate crime to perform community service or take a diversity program due to the motivating reasons for their offense.
  • Does not define “sexual orientation,” leaving that term open to expansion. The American Psychological Association and other LGBT activists are already pushing to have pedophilia reclassified as a sexual orientation.
  • Punishes thoughts, not actions. Hate crimes bills ignore that the act is already a crime; instead, they ramp up punishment because the perpetrator was thinking something which the government disapproves. Empowering the government to assess and approve/disapprove thoughts.

Immediate Action Needed Today:

  • Email or call your State Representative through our Action Center HERE and urge them to vote “NO” on the Hate Crimes Packet.
  • Share this email with friends and family.

Please pray for the Lord’s intervention on the hate crimes bill. Ask the Lord to stop the bill in its tracks and claim Jeremiah 32:27, “Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh; is anything too difficult for Me?”

For such a time as this,
Dilonna M. Coran
State Director