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Stiletto Nation: A Case for Leadership

By November 9, 2010Blog
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There are many challenges facing the 112th Congress and our great nation.  One such challenge, however, lies in their ability to understand the message of the last election.  The Republican majority in the House must not be mistaken as an endorsement of the Republican Party, but instead of a move to right a car (to use the President’s analogy) that is careening out of control and headed for a nose dive off a steep cliff.  One way Congress can show their understanding of why they were handed the keys is in their selection of members for leadership posts.

Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) will no doubt become the next Speaker of the House, and Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) the Majority Leader, but what about some of the other available posts?  Shouldn’t they go to competent leaders of the Tea Party movement, which tremendously helped to usher in the Republican takeover of Congress?

Concerned Women for America thinks so.  There are plenty of competent and fearless leaders at the ready who deserve a seat at the table.  Rep. Michele Bachmann from Minnesota comes to mind.  She has been an outspoken conservative leader of the Tea Party movement from the beginning, and we think she deserves serious consideration for a leadership position.

Conservative women won big this election cycle, and the Tea Party helped to propel them to victory.  In fact, women in general swung 14 points for Republicans.  It seems time to add a stiletto to the clubby, well-heeled leadership team.