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State Director Presents Statement of Support for Three Pro-Life Bills Currently in the Senate Committee on Health

By September 21, 2015Wisconsin
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Dear Chairwoman Vukmir and Members of the Senate Committee on Health,

As the state director of the Wisconsin state affiliate of Concerned Women for America, I would like to express our unequivocal support for the important life-affirming bills before you today.

Concerned mothers and grandmothers across our state stand in 100% support of Assembly Bill 305, Assembly Bill 310, and Assembly Bill 311. We trust the Republican majorities in the Assembly, the Senate and Gov. Walker will readily enact this vital legislation into law. Last year approximately 6,000 innocent babies lost their lives in Wisconsin’s abortion facilities, and the disgrace does not stop there. Due to the recent exposure of barbaric behavior by Planned Parenthood, we have no ability at all to offer solace to the souls of those poor innocent babies, that their little bodies were laid to rest intact. Instead we the taxpayer, must bear the sin of being a party to the dissection and illegal sale of precious body parts of Wisconsin children. God will not bless our state if we continue to shed the innocent blood of HIS children and our future

As taxpayers, we find it abhorrent that the trafficking of aborted baby parts is legal in Wisconsin, and we want AB 305 to become law immediately without any watering down amendments.

We are equally offended knowing Planned Parenthood continues to receive millions of tax dollars each year. AB 310 and AB 311 are much needed laws to protect the taxpayer’s conscience in our state. In addition, valuable taxpayer dollars that are designated for women’s health prevention services such as Mammograms, must be utilized for such and not falsely advertised to be available when they are not. This is yet another problematic practice commonly displayed by Planned Parenthood.

Wisconsin has the ability to offer all women the best in health care. After the recent proof of derelict practices by Planned Parenthood, how could it be a wise choice to continue awarding precious taxpayer dollars to them? There are a multitude of far superior and reputable health providers in this great state to utilize and distribute such a valuable resource for women.

With the latest revelations of such discreditable and obviously illegal operating procedures as the harvesting of infant baby parts for sale, the people of Wisconsin are rightfully due the passage of laws that immediately result in a STOP of such practices. To do anything else or worse yet, to do nothing at all, continues to stain the hearts and souls of all who represent or reside in this state.

Concerned Women of Wisconsin is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with tens of thousands of pro-life volunteers in every community in Wisconsin in helping our State Legislature take these necessary steps to protect the sanctity of life.


Kim Simac
State Director