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Standing with Women Act to Provide Post-Roe Resources for Expectant Mothers

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For Immediate Release

July 20, 2022

Contact: Katie Everett, Press Secretary



Washington, D.C. – Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC), the largest grassroots women’s organization in the country, announced it will be rallying support for the Standing with Moms Act introduced last week by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) and Rep. Nancy Mace (R-South Carolina).This bill would create a website,, that will list local, state, and federal resources available for expectant moms and families. This initiative would compile both public and private sector information, which in a post-Roe America, is more vital than ever.


CWALAC members who were crucial in the overturn of Roe will be calling on Members of the House and Senate to co-sponsor and support this legislation that supports and helps women.


“We brainstormed a one-stop-shop website that expectant moms could use to learn about the public and private resources available to them to assist them throughout pregnancy and afterward. The resources would cover areas of need like education, healthcare, childcare, legal support, housing resources, prenatal care, and more,” said Penny Nance, CEO and President of CWALAC.


Whether its private adoption agencies, county services or crisis pregnancy centers, expectant women need to know what is available to them.


“This is common sense legislation, and we thank Sen. Rubio and Rep. Mace for championing women and working to support them in their journey to do what is best for their lives and those of their babies.” 


CWALAC leaders and activists will be  hard at work in their state legislatures to make sure their state engages in a similar effort that helps keep all the resources up to date. We are committed to working until abortion becomes not only illegal but unthinkable in all 50 states.




Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee is the legislation and advocacy arm of Concerned Women for America, the Nation’s largest public policy organization for women; we are dedicated to promoting Biblical values and Constitutional principles. More information is available at