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Stand Up for Religious Liberty This Weekend: Watch God’s Not Dead 2

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If you care about the continued loss of religious freedom in our country, there is one thing you must do this weekend.  Go and (more importantly) take someone who is not as in tune to the problem with you to see God’s Not Dead 2.  Few things would be more powerful than this if we are to wake up America’s conscience on the issue.

Simply take a look at what just happened in Georgia.  A simple bill that would have ensured that no state agency discriminated against individuals or institutions for following their convictions about marriage was vetoed by Gov. Nathan Deal after unbelievable bullying by powerful companies like the NFL, Apple, Disney, Home Depot, Coca Cola and SunTrust.  These companies want to force the government to discriminate against any person of faith who dares to hold on to a Biblical view of marriage.

They don’t want such Christians in government or in their companies or owning any businesses unless they abide by their preferred definition of marriage.

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