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Shortage of Poll Workers

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We received this important information from our friends at the Leadership Institute. Some of you have wondered – how can I be involved?  How can I make a difference during this election season? Being a poll worker is something you can do.

From the Leadership Institute:

It’s only nine weeks until Election Day, and America needs your help.

Did you know there’s a shortage of poll workers signed up to help monitor voting this year on Election Day? Read more from both NBC and National Review.

According to the National Review’s John Fund, health experts believe this election will be safe for nearly all Americans. But, due to the pandemic, polling stations across America will suffer because these stations are struggling to recruit poll workers.

You can take action today and become part of the American solution. Sign up to be an election official today. You can even make some money! Election workers can earn between $75 and $350 for their contribution to American democracy on Election Day.

It’s good for your resume, your wallet, and your country!

Here are the simple steps to sign up:

  1. Visit the U.S. Election Committee website.
  2. Select your state and city to get your application.
  3. Sign up and help maintain a fair election!

Thank you for your tireless efforts to serve your community! Feel free to forward this information to anyone you think might be interested in helping keep polling stations open.