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This is a scary time to be a woman, but not for the reasons liberals want you to think.  In a pro-Obama ad that PolitiFact calls a “Pants on Fire” lie, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is telling voters across the country that, “It’s a scary time to be a woman,” because Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and other conservatives support overturning Roe v. Wade, passing a bill that would limit abortions, and repealing the health care mandate requiring even religious insurance companies to provide contraception.  Be afraid, women; be very afraid.  Employing this oft-used tactic, the ad tries to paint conservatives as extremists who are against a women’s “choice.” But conservatives are NOT the ones who are anti-women.  Here are the very scary facts:

  • Obama’s health care “reform” actually hurts women, increasing their health care costs by $900 per year, in the form of 21 new taxes.
  • Women find it harder and harder to pay for college with tuition rising 8.3% per year, despite the president’s pledge to relieve student debt.  His policies have been totally ineffective and don’t address the problem of skyrocketing tuition.
  • More women are out of work, with employment down by 2.9% among women since the beginning of the recession.  There are now 83,000 fewer jobs for women than when Obama took office.
  • Under Obama’s watch, the number of women slipping in poverty has shot up to 7.5 million.
  • Obama’s own administration pays male staffers 18% more then its female staffers.
  • Planned Parenthood says they received nearly $500 million from the federal government in their most recent annual report.  Remember that Planned Parenthood performs 1 in 4 abortions in America and actively covers up the risk of abortions for women, including “breast cancer, depression, mental illness, and suicide.”  And that’s not to mention all the other sick and twisted things they do (like aiding and abetting sex traffickers and helping to cover up statutory rape).

And liberals think they’re helping women?  The truth is that President Obama and the Left can’t even talk about their record on women’s issues without incriminating themselves.  Therefore, they are compelled to slander conservatives who are out to make life better for women, protect unborn life, and preserve religious liberty.  Their strategy is ridiculous, but somehow the Left expects to pull the wool over America’s eyes. The DNC ad got it right on only one count — this really is “a scary time to be a woman.”