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College Tuition and the War on Women

By July 24, 2012Blog
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Millions of American girls dream of going to college. And now-a-days, that dream is a reality for the 15 million women in college. However, the cost of college has increased by thousands of dollars each year, and as women outnumber men in college, they are feeling the brunt of these tuition hikes.

President Obama’s “student loan relief” plan promised hope, but it’s turned out to be an election-year mirage that doesn’t even attempt to tackle the real problem of soaring tuition costs, not to mention helping the millions of recent graduates who are unable to find work in the dismal economy of the last four years.

Instead of President Obama’s current policies — we need sound, free-market solutions that will create jobs for college graduates and lower the cost of college for women and men.

Share this infographic if you want to see America’s college graduates find good-paying jobs when they graduate! (For a full-size image, click the one above.)