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Rights of Female Swimmers Protected

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For Immediate Release
June 13, 2024

Contact:  CWA Communications Team

Rights of Female Swimmers Protected

Decision not to allow males to compete in international female competition is upheld in court

Washington, D.C. – Today, Concerned Women for America (CWA), the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization, praised World Aquatics and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) for preventing Lia Thomas from competing in elite women’s competition, including the Olympics. CAS dismissed Thomas’ request for arbitration with the international sports governing body, who had banned transgender swimmers from competing in female events.

Lia Thomas, the male who identifies as female, brought a challenge against World Aquatics for banning him from participating in elite swimming competitions. The dismissal of Thomas’s challenge ensures that the World Aquatics rules reflect single-sex competition at the elite level. 

“Thomas is anatomically and biologically a male with physical capacities that are different from anatomically and biologically female athletes,” said Penny Nance, CEO and President of CWA. “He has better heart and lung capacity; he is stronger and, at 6’4”, much bigger than any female swimmer.

“We were there when Lia Thomas stole the trophies of promising young athletes in the 2022 NCAA championships. He also stole the dignity of those who had to dress in a storage closet to avoid being exposed to a male in the locker room. 

“The future of women’s sports is at risk, and the rights of women will be trampled if other sports governing bodies, like the NCAA, don’t follow the lead of World Aquatics and champion female athletes and protect their ability to succeed.”

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