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REVISED 1/16/2013: Candidate Surveys for Superintendent of Public Instruction Are In!

By March 28, 2012North Dakota
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Revisede 1/16/2013:In November, 2012, Kristen Baesler was elected to the position of Director of Public Instruction in North Dakota. Here is what she wrote in response to a candidate survey done by CWA of North Dakota in March of 2012. Keep her and the teachers of North Dakota in your prayers and be aware of the policies of our public school system to ensure they provide excellence in education for our children. You might consider running for your local school board. Our Kids need you.

Revised 7/23/2012: The issue of K-12 education is of great importance to the citizens of North Dakota; therefore, on March 25, 2012, Concerned Women for America of North Dakota sent out a survey to all announced candidates for the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. Below are the results. Every candidate has responded. These are presented to you just as we received them with no edits or changes of any type and in the order in which they were received.

This survey is to be used only to educate people and does not in any way imply any endorsement of these candidates for office. The answers submitted by North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (ND DPI) candidates are published for educational purposes only.

Key acronyms:
ND DPI: North Dakota Department of Public Instruction
NDEA: North Dakota Education Association
NDSBA: North Dakota School Boards Association
NDCEL: North Dakota Council of Educational Leaders

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