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Resources for Islam and Sharia Law

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Exposing Radical Islam and Unmasking Sharia Law

Begin educating yourself now on this urgent issue by clicking on the resources below.

CWA Online Resource
(1) Sharia and Obama’s Foreign Policy
(2) Afghan Government to Seize Shelters
(3) Sharia Law Talking Points

CWA Brochures
(1) Sharia Law: A Threat to America as We Know it
(2) Sharia Law and the Constitution

CWA Multimedia
(1) Imposing Sharia Law on the West
(2) Women and Sharia Law
(3) Women and Sharia Law – Father Bishoy Andrawes
(4) Sharia-Compliant Finance Promoted by Treasury Dept.

Additional Online Articles
(1) Do Crosses at Catholic University Violate “Human Rights” of Muslims?
(2) Muslims Want Crosses Removed at Catholic University
(3) Investigation: Is Terror Closer Than You Think?
(4) Indoctrination Western Children (with Islam)
(5) Sharia Law Trumps U.S. Constitution in Dearborn