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Community Service Coupon Books Now Available, and More!

By January 20, 2012North Carolina
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We are very excited about the programs we are able to sponsor particularly the Pastor Conferences. We have long had a vision for a state conference for CWA members and potential members.

All of these activities require funding. CWA is extremely conservative. In order to plan an event, it necessitates having the total estimated financing in hand. We do not count on any income from the event.

There are three ways in which you can help. The first is what you have been doing for years: writing a check to CWA and designating it for North Carolina. We appreciate that support. For members in the Charlotte region, there is a way that you can save money and help CWA of North Carolina at the same time. For many years, we have benefited from the sharing program of the Community Service Book. Savings totaling more than $5,000 are in the current edition.

Coupons are available in a book or printed as needed from an online account. Both are available at a cost of $20 plus $4.95 shipping! CWA of North Carolina receives 50% of the book sales. To see what’s available and order your book, the link is

Another partner is Products for Good, offering a unique line of patriotic products fashioned from Iraqi coins obtained by coalition forces from the banks in Basra. Mentally and physically disabled Americans are employed to assemble the products. A large percentage of the proceeds are given to charities such as USA Cares (which supports wounded military veterans and their families) as well as the participating non-profit, CWA of North Carolina. There are shadowboxes focused on the contributions of each branch of the military as well as police and firefighters. You can find detailed information about the products and the funds-sharing at

Thank you in advance for your support of CWA of North Carolina.