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Public Comments on Protect Life Rule Favors Life

By August 14, 2018South Dakota
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You did it! Thank you for your participation and work submitting comments to the Department of Health and Human Services regarding the administration’s proposed Title X rule, the Protect Life Rule.

Concerned Women for America partners like you were responsible for submitting thousands of comments supporting the Protect Life Rule!  HHS received over 200,000 comments and upon our own investigation, it appears that a solid majority of these comments favor the rule.

Just a refresher:  Title X is a voluntary grant program that was enacted in the 1970s to provide low income individuals with family planning services.  The statute specifically says that abortion is not family planning and no funds can go toward abortion operations, but that hasn’t stopped the abortion industry from grabbing these funds and using them to prop up their abortion business.  This new Protect Life Rule would require Title X grant recipients to separate their abortion operations from family planning services, therefore adhering to the law.

The comment period was the first step.  Now HHS must proceed through more hoops before the Protect Life Rule is implemented.  We hope that by August 2019 the rule will be applied, and the grant program will no longer be used as a slush fund for the abortion industry.

About 6 in 10 Americans oppose taxpayer dollars being used to commit abortions, and that includes people who identify as pro-choice.  Americans want out of the abortion business, and this proposed rule is an important step to detangle the abortion industry from government funding.

We thank God for this victory.  Great is the Lord, and most worthy of praise … Psalm 48:1

Linda Schauer

State Director
CWA of South Dakota