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Protesting Planned Parenthood’s Mega Death Chamber in Houston

By January 14, 2010Sanctity of Life, Texas
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Planned Parenthood is building a huge, 78,000 square foot abortion facility in Houston, Texas. One entire floor will be dedicated to late term abortions. Yet a vast number of Houston residents are unaware of Planned Parenthood’s grizzly plans for the former bank building near the University of Houston. But on January 18, Martin Luther King Day, pro-lifers from across the nation will join forces with local pro-life groups to protest the expansion of this abortuary. Beverly Ulmer-Rogers, Legislative Liaison for Concerned Women for America of Texas, discusses this event – as well as another pro-life rally – with CWA President Wendy Wright.


For more information on the January 23rd event in Austin marking the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, visit
For more information on the January 18 rally in Houston and other information on CWA of Texas visit

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