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Pro-Life Bills Update

By March 25, 2013North Dakota
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“We applaud North Dakota for defending life. The bills in North Dakota protect the lives of the most innocent Americans, those without a voice, in the womb, and their mothers. Hopefully, these bills will start a national discussion about what life is and our duty as a civil society to protect it. It starts in the states.” Penny Young Nance, CEO and President of CWA, and Janne Myrdal, State Director, CWA of ND.

By now you’ve probably heard the news-North Dakota achieved “breaking news” status Friday when our House passed three more life bills!!

Here’s a quick summary – The North Dakota bills that passed ban abortion based on gender and genetic abnormality (HB1305), ban abortion after a heartbeat is detected (HB1456), demand that abortion doctors have admitting privileges to local hospitals (SB 2305), ban abortions when babies can feel pain (SB 2368), and provides for a state constitutional amendment to be added to the ballot defining a human being (SCR 4009). Though SB 2368 passed the House, it will be returned to the Senate for re-consideration because an amendment was added to make sure Planned Parenthood receives no taxpayer funding in North Dakota.

THANK YOU for being such a vital part of assuring passage of these historical bills to protect life in our great state. In total, five out of seven proposed bills have passed, and four have been sent to Gov. Dalrymple for his signature. (SCR 4009 does not require the Governor to sign.) Stay the course and continue to call and e-mail Gov. Dalrymple to affirm his stand for the sanctity of human life! Let’s finish the race; let’s give a few more moments of effort until those signatures are final! The Governor’s office phone is 701-328-2200, and his e-mail is: Even if you’ve already called and e-mailed, you can continue to do both every day until he signs those bills! Give thanks to God for this success!

Please check out our CWA-ND page for more updates on current events. Blessing to you all!

Concerned Women for America of North Dakota supports all efforts to protect the unborn and their mothers.

Concerned Women for America of North Dakota supports all efforts to protect unborn

children and their mothers.