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Post Prayer/Action Chapter is Changing Lives!

By August 17, 2011Texas
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Exactly what does it take to change a life? Sometimes just exactly that – change!!! The First Baptist Church (FBC) of Post, Texas, Prayer/Action Chapter recently held a “Change For Life” campaign. On Mother’s Day, more than 30 baby bottles were distributed to the congregation of FBC Post with instructions for those who took the bottles to collect their pocket change in the bottles for ten weeks. Congregation members, young and old, participated, and this congregation of less than 100 raised $850.00! God is good!!!


The money was donated to the Nurturing Center in Lubbock, Texas. The Nurturing Center is a pregnancy resource center that is located directly next door to the only abortion clinic in Lubbock (which has recently been purchased by Planned Parenthood). The Center has been around for many years but only moved next door to the abortion clinic this year. They have recently acquired an ultrasound machine and are planning to expand their influence in the lives of young women from Lubbock and the surrounding rural communities. They have already seen the abortion clinic change their policy of lining up all abortion clients outside of the clinic early in the morning every Thursday to spreading them out throughout the day so that they are not outside and “vulnerable” to the sidewalk counselors. The abortion clinic is seeing a decrease in their business. Praise the Lord!


The money will be used not only to support the sidewalk counselors and the ultrasound services, but it will also go to help the center send speakers throughout the community to educate and encourage teens toward abstinence. Members of the FBC Post CWA Chapter delivered the donation to the Nurturing Center and were treated to a tour of the facility and a conversation with the center founder as well as the current executive director. Every donation allows centers such as this one to keep their doors open. Would you consider doing a “Change For Life” campaign with your Prayer/Action Chapter? A good idea might be to start the campaign on Mother’s Day and end it on Father’s Day. What better way to use your pocket change than to help a young woman change her mind and decide not to abort her baby?