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Please Contact Senator Manchin

By March 14, 2017West Virginia
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Dear Friend,

We need your help to pass a bill that would give states back the power to determine which health care facilities are most deserving of federal taxpayer dollars.

States receive Title X (read “Title Ten”) grant money from the federal government, which is given out through Health and Human Services to be used for family planning services.

On their way out the door, the Obama Administration issued a new Title X rule that prevents states from directing Title X funds to providers that states believe best serve their citizens and instead forces states to give some of that money to abortion providers.

Through this rule, the federal government implied states don’t know what’s best for their citizens. You and I know that is simply not true.

S. J. Res 13 would repeal this regulation giving states back the authority to direct Title X money to facilities that best serve their citizens’ health care needs and, if the state chooses, away from abortion providers.

Ask Sen. Manchin to cosponsor Sen. Ernst’s bill, S. J. Res. 13, and give states back the power determine which health care facilities best deserve Title X funding.

Call Sen. Manchin’s office (202) 224-3954 and say:

Hi, my name is _________. I’m from West Virginia, and I’d like Sen. Manchin to cosponsor Sen. Ernst’s bill, S. J. Res 13. I believe the states should have the ability to direct Title X (ten) to the health care facilities that best meet the health care needs of their citizens.

Thank you in advance for your hard work and action.


Penny Nance
Chief Executive Officer and President
Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee