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Planned Parenthood Clinic Secrets Are Not New, Only a Continuation of Common Practice

By March 15, 2011Illinois
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In light of current national efforts to de-fund Planned Parenthood and the Susan B. Anthony bus tour visit to our state, Congressmen Hultgren, Walsh, and others can be reminded that Planned Parenthood revelations are not new to Illinois, and we are overdue to stand up for those most vulnerable to its agenda.

On October 3, 2002, Concerned Women for America (CWA) of Illinois held a press conference in Chicago with others as part of the Committee to Protect Illinois Children in order to publicly release secretly recorded tapes suggesting that 21 abortion clinics in Illinois, including 12 Planned Parenthood clinics, would knowingly break the law to protect adult sexual predators.

Phone calls to 21 Illinois clinics by a caller portrayed as a 13-year-old girl with a 22-year-old boyfriend were recorded by Life Dynamics in Denton, Texas. The caller sought an abortion in an unmistakable effort to conceal illicit sex from her parents and authorities. Calls were made to over 800 abortion clinics nationwide; Illinois was the fifth state to make the tapes and results public.

The investigation showed all 21 clinics called, including all 12 Planned Parenthood clinics, would cover-up reasonable suspicion and knowledge of statutory rape and/or child abuse by agreeing not to report the information to authorities as required by Illinois law. All 50 states clearly mandate that healthcare workers report any possible cases of child sexual abuse, which includes statutory rape. Clinics and workers who fail to report or conceal the sexual conduct of adult men having sex with an underage girl, are likely guilty of concealing a felony.

Former CWA of Illinois Pro-Life Coordinator and nurse, Jill Stanek, noted at the time, “This goes beyond abortion. It goes to the issues of dispensing birth control to minors and treating their sexually-transmitted diseases, too. There are underage girls impregnated by adult men sitting in clinic waiting rooms right now with no one helping them. The adults who know about it are turning their back on them. This is utterly indefensible.”

Despite alerting public authorities and the press to this cover-up, little has been legally done to stop these tragedies. It is well past the time that at least public tax funding of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, and others if any, finally end.

Audio 1: Planned Parenthood, 1200 N. LaSalle Drive, Chicago
Audio 2: Planned Parenthood, 612 Court St., Ottawa
Audio 3: Planned Parenthood, 705 NE Jefferson Ave., Peoria
Audio 4: Planned Parenthood, 318 W. Washington Fl 3, Bloomington
Audio 5: Planned Parenthood, 215 E. Main St., Clinton
Audio 6: Planned Parenthood, 302 E. Stoughton St., Champaign
Audio 7: Planned Parenthood, 4529 N. Illinois St., Belleville
Audio 8: Planned Parenthood, 809 W. Fayette Ave., Effingham
Audio 9: Planned Parenthood, P.O.Box 508, Lincoln
Audio 10: Planned Parenthood, 333 Court St., #200, Pekin
Audio 11: Planned Parenthood, 1152 N. Milwaukee Ave Fl 1, Chicago
Audio 12: Planned Parenthood, 9520 S. Halsted St., Chicago
Audio 13: Women’s Aid Clinic, Lincolnwood
Audio 14: National Health Care, Peoria
Audio 15: The Hope Clinic For Women, Granite City
Audio 16: Family Planning Assoc. Medical Group, Chicago, 60606
Audio 17: Family Planning Assoc. Medical Group, Chicago, 60630
Audio 18: American Women’s Medical Center, Chicago
Audio 19: American Women’s Medical Center, Des Plaines
Audio 20: Access Health Center, Downers Grove
Audio 21: Northern Illinois Women’s Center, Rockford

Reprinted with permission by Life Dynamics, Inc, Denton, Texas, 940-380-8800,