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Pelosi’s Reign as Speaker: One Long Power Trip

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In January 2007, Nancy Pelosi became the first female speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Shortly after, in 2008, she released a book called “Know Your Power: A Message to America’s Daughters.” The title of her book is fitting, as her reign as speaker has been all about attaining exactly that – power.

Many see Mrs. Pelosi as a far-left figure who is not afraid to use other peoples’ money to finance her political goals. The organization Judicial Watch is, as we speak, still investigating why she racked up millions of dollars in military travel expenses, shuttling herself and her family members – including her grown children – back and forth between San Francisco and Washington, D.C. There are questions as to why she commandeered large military jets for transportation, while previous speakers traveled in a less costly manner.

Since she took possession of the House gavel, Pelosi has earned the reputation of a speaker who doesn’t think twice about forcing her party members to “walk the plank” and take votes that could, and in many cases will, cost them their House seats.

In the first term of the Obama administration, Pelosi oversaw passage of a slew of unpopular bills in the House that the American public rejected repeatedly in the polls. Many Americans, in fact, joined the Tea Party (which Pelosi called “an Astroturf campaign”) in response to the power grab of Washington, of the perceived refusal of politicians to listen to their constituents, and of efforts by leaders like Pelosi to spend their tax money on measures that they did not want.

Such bills include:

The incredibly unpopular “cap-and-trade” bill, dubbed “cap-and-tax” by taxpayers because the legislation would cause massive hikes in energy costs if passed by both chambers of Congress The $787 billion so-called “stimulus package” that bailed out the auto industry and other entities of the government’s choosing The increasingly unpopular ObamaCare bill, which a majority of Americans continue to oppose and want to repeal The Defense Authorization bill that, instead of focusing on our troops, included the liberal wish list of allowing abortions to be performed on military installations domestically and internationally and repealing the 1993 law prohibiting homosexuals from serving openly in the military

Many Americans, even those who had never been politically active before 2010, are furious at Mrs. Pelosi for her dismissal of their views, her engagement in shady “back room deals” to garner votes for her agenda, and her arrogant attitude towards spending their hard-earned money.