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Anonymous Abortionists Online

By November 1, 2010Blog, Sanctity of Life
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That didn’t take long. The new abortion drug ella, deceptively labeled as an “emergency contraceptive,” is being sold online by a company that sells Viagra, diet pills, and remedies for hair loss.  All the buyer has to do is fill out a form and pay the jacked-up fee. Though “intended” for women over 18, anyone can buy it because anyone can fill out the form any way they want.  A minor girl can claim to be over 18.  A predatory man will state that he’s a woman. It’s a way to avoid “embarrassing” conversations with a doctor, we’re told.  Like, “Does your mom know what is going on in your life?”  “Were you raped and need counseling and protection?”  “Let’s do a test for HPV, which can lead to cervical cancer.”  “Do you know that ella could cause an abortion?” We’ll hear the usual from the drug’s pushers that this will “help” women.  But how does putting women at risk of predatory men who will slip ella into their food or drink, or allowing girls to suffer from undetected sexually transmitted diseases further women’s health?  When a woman experiences complications, the prescribing “doctor” will be as anonymous as a drug dealer in a back alley.  Clearly, separating women from doctors to avoid questions — or from detecting that the person buying the drug is not who they claim to be — will create more health hazards. The company is based in London.  Proving that propaganda, once embraced, is not easily relinquished, a British politician repeated the mantra that making drugs like ella “free and accessible” will reduce abortions.  This despite study after study showing that making the morning-after pill easily accessible — even free — does not reduce abortions.  It does, however, encourage people not to use reliable forms of birth control, to the embarrassment of aggressive pushers of the drug.  Morning-after pills are less effective than any other form of birth control. Don’t be surprised when Planned Parenthood gets in on the act.  They’ll find a way to top this competition.  And they have already begun.  The abortion provider is forcefully lobbying for contraceptives and “emergency contraceptives” (like ella) to be covered 100 percent under ObamaCare.  No cost to the buyer, but fully paid for by people required to have health insurance.  That would be all of us. Spread the cost around, Planned Parenthood can then hand out drugs like candy, marketing and distributing to anyone who can fill out a form.  Moms and dads will unwittingly be paying for their daughters’ abortions.  Pastors and priests will be counseling women suffering the loss of their babies and other complications, after writing checks for the insurance that pays for offending drugs like ella. If we need another reason to overturn and defund ObamaCare, this would be it.